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07 Aug 2012 18:18:39
What do you think of this..... Swedish expedition found an object at the bottom of the baltic sea. Looks like the millenium falcon.

Mysterious Object Found on Baltic Seafloor

{Ed033's Note - Here is an hour long radio interview with red ice radio with one of the divers who has touched the object

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{Ed033's Note - Based on the limited info from the above red ice interview, my speculation at the moment is that it is a stone structure that was built many thousands of years ago

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Has there been anymore movement on this topic I think this is important a huge structure at the bottom of the sea could be ancient! Have the military or any orginization took over the area?


{Ed033's Note - Divers are going down to take another look soon

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07 Aug 2012 15:59:50
Hi all,
not really a conspiracy as such but i was watching this programme about what would when the sun expands in billions of years time and at the end of the show, it showed the earth as a mars like planet with only the simpilest bacteria still living in a dry, water free planet.

It got me thinking that maybe this is what happened billions of years ago and that is why mars is like that now, why NASA think they discovered simple bacteria on the planet as they survived the sun expansion. What do you think guys?


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Don't think that would have happened as expansion of the sun comes at the end of it's natural life cycle, Mars was more likley killed of by a large object hitting it

{Ed033's Note - This is most likely what happened to Mars - documentary by the electric universe crew of

The Lightning-Scarred Planet Mars - Part One


The Lightning-Scarred Planet Mars - Part Two

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I think it was Graham Hancocks book that postulated a metoer or comet impact that ripped the atmosphere away and caused the Tharsis bulge and Valle Marineris, but having watched the attached vids before its a good theory.

{Ed033's Note - Be interesting to ask Graham Hancock what he now thinks of the Wal Thornhill/David Talbot mars theory in the above videos. He obviously wrote the book years before this new info.

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Yes Ed thats a good point, i think that book was early 90's, i remember reading it around '97. Since then there's been lots of research and probes and stuff so would be interesting to see what he would make of that theory. In fairness it was a good theory and the most plausible one to me until i saw those 2 videos above.

{Ed033's Note - Yes, I read the book and seemed a good theory at the time

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Mars is too far away from the sun. Flesh would freeze.


{Ed033's Note - If you look at certain satellite images of Mars, it appears there is liquid water on Mars and plant life. That's what i'm saying.

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Currently reading sitchins, genesis revisited, explains how what the cameras and telescops are telling us now the sumerians knew millenia ago. "water above and below the firmament" , basically he postulates all planets seem to contain water in one form or another. he is also pretty keen on the 12th planet theory which totalled Tiamat ( earth ) ,ripped pluto from saturn amongst other things. good read :)

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Looking at this image it looks like a large planet or asteroid scuffed the planet mars and stripped away its atmosphere

{Ed033's Note - That maybe correct and that was Graham Hancock's thesis in his book but if you look closely at that picture and taking into account the knowledge in the above 2 youtube videos (which is 1 mars documentary), you can clearly see the filaments that would be present with an electrical arc talked about in the mars documentary.

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Yes you can see the filaments clearly enough and definitely electricity caused that, but look at the width and depth of it, thats a heck of a size of a blast thats hit that!

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Any good links to the Sumerian ancient knowledge going? Preferably in text, can't do youtube vids at the moment got no sound.

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07 Aug 2012 12:09:55
in a few weeks nasa will confirm there is life on mars,does this mean that there is going to be full disclosure.

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Where has this come from?

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Seen something about it on controversial tv, we are supposed get full disclosure with in 20 years?.

{Ed033's Note - The latest Mars rover called Curiosity has just landed on Mars and is equipped to find life on Mars. From earlier satellite pictures there appears to be liquid water and vegetation over certain parts of Mars.

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You mean like allotments.

{Ed033's Note - I mean like lakes and forests

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Lol at allotments. i can imagine my old fella there planting some cabbages and carrots.
huddz red {Ed001's Note - it would explain a thing or two if you were descended from Martians mate!!}

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One of saturns moons has water (liquid) on it but its made of methane, different gasses have different temps at which they turn to liquid and vapour like ours (h20) freezes at what we call 0 and turns to vapor at what we call 100 this is just a scale humans have made up, so if there is liquid there it doesnt mean that there is life in any form. I hope there is it would be amazing but the truth is earth is at a precise reletive distance from the sun for life to breed, look at the difference in temp in say Iceland an Ethiopia, and mars is millions of miles away not thousands.


{Ed033's Note - Isn't that a bit like saying bumble bees can't fly because they're too heavy? You maybe right but you're relying on what the main stream media/science and schooling system told you.

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I reakon Uncle Sam wants to know if there was life there for one reason only, we know what happens when lifeform dies in its millions (it lies under the desert and they suck it out)


{Ed033's Note - The "fossil" fuel theory was made up allegedly by the Rockefellers. Oil is produced by the Earth by an unknown process. Some old oil fields are now starting to fill up again.

The secret space program is allegedly already on Mars. Maybe Mars is being terraformed as we speak

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Ok,so is oil a never ending substance and is mars already inhabited in some shape or form by humans maybe life form only asking?..

red blancmonge

{Ed033's Note - The Earth is a type of living organism, it grows over time, it also continuously produces oil. The dinosaurs turning into oil story is a fake made up fairy story.

At some point in the past there was an advanced civilisation on at least a part of the surface of Mars. There are rumours that this civilisation came from Sirius and were the Annanaki. There is what looks to be industrial wreckage over certain parts of the martian surface (from rover images) and at 1 location looks like there is a city (from previous satellite images) But there was a catastrophe on Mars. Possibly this civilisation built underground bases and some of them are still living there or the breakaway black ops /secret space program have a group of humans inhabiting the underground bases there.

Mars has recovered somewhat from the catastrophe and warmed recently and from previous satellite images it looks like there is liquid water on the surface of mars and forests at certain points.

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No, Ed sorry mate Im relying on common sense and we all have to sometimes! I have two kids and I keep my chicken dippers in the freezer because flesh freezes. Simples !


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Matt_RFC yes Earth is in the goldilocks zone but as you say look at Ethiopa and Iceland, both places have extreme temps but both have life. Who's to say that Mars or even Venus/ Mercury couldn't have evolved life? Life will find away. It may not be life as we know it, but could be something, look at all the random stuff we discover everyday in supposedly inhabitable places.

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Interesting ed, so which oil fields are refilling again? So it really could be lifeblood?

{Ed033's Note - Who knows if it's life blood. Certain oil fields are allegedly refilling. Whitley Strieber mentioned he knew of oil people who were telling him their oil fields were refiling, not at a quick rate but noticeably refilling. Also look up abiotic oil in your favourite search engine

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Ed are you David Icke ? {Ed033's Note - no

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07 Aug 2012 04:13:30
Hi ed, first time posting on the conspiracy site, but love reading it. Just a question on John Holmes father. Has anything surfaced about what his testimony would have brought to the libor scandal trial? I think it would have to be fairly substantial if the govt. are going to such lenghts to "stop" it being heard. Would really like to hear any information, thanks


{Ed033's Note - Firstly, the Libor scandal is much bigger than the average person thinks it is. More on James Holmes' father below

James Holmes' father, Robert Holmes - short bio

James Holmes Father is senior scientist with FICO

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Wow ed if true that is shocking, adds fuel to the conspiracy theory. Would certainly make any stories reported on by mainstream news networks unbelievable in my book, the fact that this has not once been mentioned.


{Ed033's Note - This isn't the first time the main stream media have under-reported a news story and it won't be the last.

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