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07 Dec 2012 18:54:03
Anyone here listen to coast to coast am?
if not you should listen to a few on youtube, really interesting.


{Ed033's Note - Red Ice Radio ( is way better than C2C Am in my opinion.

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I like that too ed, but i prefer george noory.


{Ed033's Note - Yes, George Noory is a million times better than Art Bell. I much prefer as well rather than Coast To Coast AM though

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Do either of you believe that Art Bell radio interview about Area 51, suggesting it's all about inter-dimensional beings rather than extra-terrestrial beings?


{Ed033's Note - I've heard this type of debate and I don't know. It's easier for the moment to use the term, 'non-terrestrial' that would encompass both of those terms.

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07 Dec 2012 17:45:02
h.clinton will run for president of the usa in next election.

champagne charlie

{Ed033's Note - Could be Mrs Clinton Vs Jeb Bush

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Imagine the political support from Bill "I did have sexual relations with this woman". Sorry I couldn't resist because I imagined it in his voice.

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I think the republicans are finished,there ideas are so out dated.there will have to be a major over hall in policy's.
the immigrant vote is never going to support republican ideas.

champagne charlie

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The whole voting process is a bit out of date to be honest

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07 Dec 2012 16:10:17
hi ed yes the treaty of rome was i think one of the first treaties that founded whats now the european union after the franco german coal and steel pact expanded to take in italy and the benelux. I think the six of them laid the principles for expansion and an eventual european super state. I'm pretty sure somewhere in the small print there's something about all members eventually becoming republics to easier facilitate federation.

{Ed033's Note - I heard a while ago, they wanted to create 10 super-states and within these super-states there would be 10 super-cities where the majority of the population would 'live' (as a slave) because it's easier to control people in one giant city (Part of their Agenda 21)

Part of a presentation about Agenda 21

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07 Dec 2012 16:25:59
anyone else think that the nurse who gave details to a Australian radio about prince williams wife has been found dead is a bit uncanny ?cant see no link personally why anyone would murder a nurse who got duped,unless she meant info to come out,i am out for a few pints tonight so will read up more about it tomorrow.

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Maybe u should read the statement about the nurse who was found dead b4 u spread despicable rumours about the poor woman's death. She only transferred the call through and was not the nurse who gave any details out.


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I must admit, my first thought was "suicide...REALLY?"

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It a conspiracy site gbi ,i was playing devils advocate,the only thing i agree with you is the poor woman who has left a partner and two young kids.right i am out catch u lot tomorrow.

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Its a tragedy what has happened to that nurse and her family, and those australian "djs" should be strung up for what they did. But is it only me who thinks all these "celebrities" taking to tw*tter to say how sorry they are, are only doing it to further their brand and expand their egos? Everyone feels upset about this but how about a bit of dignity! You dont have to tell the world.

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Liono, why are you and GBI so upset? Did either of you know the woman? I'm sorry but all these faux outrages of grief are a bit embarrassing these days. Since Diana 'died' it seems to be a competition of who is more upset by things that, when you look at it, doesn't really affect any of our lives.

May I suggest following franky's take on life, go down the pub, have a few pints, chill out and man the f##k up. Grown men pandering to a load of PC bull. Sorry Ed but you must admit it is bordering on pathetic and flew past the boredom marker LONG ago...


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But the woman who gave the details didnt commit suicide, it was a nurse who transferred the djs through to the ward, and the nurse on the ward shared the details. So if ppl believe there is a conspiracy in the death why would the powers at be 'kill' the nurse who only transferred the call and not the nurse who spilled the details.

GBI {Ed001's Note - hardly worth you getting so irate about then?}

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I will agree with padawan and franky.Its a shame she took her own life,wrong place/nurse wrong time.It was a attack on the royals not her,im sure they did not mean for it to come to this.but it has.Feel sorry for the family of the nurse obviously but i will also enjoy a few pints cheers lads...

red blancmonge

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Hardly irate. Just correcting the mistake franky made that the 'nurse who leaked the details' was found dead. Had it been the nurse that did leak the details that was found dead i would also find her death suspicious.


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No hangover all is good in the frankyscouse household, read up more on the reported suicide by the nurse, could be a million and one reasons how she ended up dead but i maintain it is peculiar, as for you gbi, everyone has there right to the own opinion and calling my post despicable rumours i would hate to see when you was irate feller lol.

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It's the Aussies who made the phone call that need punishing!

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Sorry guys i don't agree with the public witch hunt over the Aussie radio station,if the nurse did really commit suicide i cant believe a prank i going to make her top herself ,she could have been a ticking time bomb for years ,there has been plenty of joking hoaxes on tv and radio, bk in the day Jeremy beadle tv shows could have caused someone a heart attack to aston kutcher you got punked to even kids program were they care d s h t out of kids,i think the two Aussie presenters feel as bad a anyone about what happened .

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07 Dec 2012 14:44:02
Would love to know people's thoughts including the ed's on whether they believe in the Bigfoot, i believe in them myself. i know people say that why hasn't a body been found etc etc I'm throwing some ideas out, like are governments hiding them,reason for doing that is, if Bigfoot exsists people would think what else are the government hiding and another one is are sightings of bigfoots time slips or rips in time whatever is better and people are seeing back in time and this is whats happening just some way out theories cheers pk

{Ed033's Note - The evidence is overwhelming that Bigfoot exists. This is a good presentation by Lloyd Pye on what Bigfoot could actually be

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07 Dec 2012 12:24:55
wonder if one of the ed's can help on this. Having a bit of a royal family debate at work. I'm sure there is something in the 1947 treaty of rome about all member states eventually adopting republican government before the creation of a federated states of europe. Is this correct? How would they even implement that?

{Ed033's Note - Isn't the European Union part this/these related treaties?

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God I hope not!


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On the subject of the eu, has anyone's noble prize come in the post yet seeing as the eu won it this year!

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07 Dec 2012 11:46:31
to the guy that questioned my figure of twelve million, thats the figure usually used. It adds together jewish and non jewish victims. It wasn't just jews win were murdered as i said in my other post. It includes poles and russian pows worked to death, victims of the t4 programme. And so on. I have no problem with people asking sensible questions. I do think the figure is a little rounded but thats due to a lack of records. It could be lower it could also be much higher. I put no store in what ahmedinejad says as he clearly has an agenda. Mort

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07 Dec 2012 11:28:22
franky how you talk there were no jews in palestine before 1947. After the systematic extermination of their people in europe the survivors understandably wanted to move. Some went to america and the large jewish communities there. Others came to britain. Many wanted to return to their ancestral lands where many of their people lived. Jews had been returning since before the first war. It sped up after the war with the balfour declaration. Whilst i agree there was a pre war agenda on behalf of the zionists i don't think the holocaust war manipulated for an agenda. It happened and it was horrible enough without inflating figures for an agenda which was already in progress. You mention stalin and how the west did nothing. The soviet union was a closed society. Any foreigners were under surveillance and visitors were kept away from such things. The full extent of the horror only came out in the 1990's with the collapse of the soviets and the opening of the files. I agree the west stood by on iraq in the name of profits. But the holocaust happened as the history books say. No sinister conspiracies or agendas. {Ed001's Note - that is simply not true, everything released in the 1990's was already known. We had been lied to throughout the Cold War, not by the Soviets, but by our own leaders in order to get our support for a massive arms build up. We were constantly told that the Russian forces outnumbered the West's by a massive margin, when it was well known by the Western Powers to be a lie. That in fact the Soviets had nothing like the martial power being to attributed to them. It was also well known how many Stalin had killed, but nobody cared, nothing was done. I can remember reading books about it as a child, on their civil war and the purges Stalin did. Mostly they were military history books, and they focused on the damage he did to the Soviet armed forces, the numbers of people were simply a footnote. I do agree on the Jewish migration though, anti-Semitism had force large numbers of Jews to disperse around the world and that includes a large number heading to their ancestral homes in the middle east.}

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Sorry mate i have to disagree there was a agenda not just a new nation being created in the middle east funded and protected by the west also the soviet union colonizing eastern Europe, as for the west not knowing that genocide committed by Stalin is naive to say the least,plenty of double agents swapping information and the west were well in the know,there are very few if any were a nation will go to war unless there is something in it for them.

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07 Dec 2012 00:06:31
Just wanted to say, thank you for the responses Ed001 and Frankyscouse. After reading it again I can see that people were not suggesting that the holocaust was made up and that I jumped to conclusions upon seeing references to something very personal.
Just want to offer my apologies if it seemed I was being unreasonable, because I was simply angered in the moment.
The Holocaust is indeed a difficult subject to approach, as I have demonstrated people can quickly jump to conclusions and feel offended. However, I do agree that it deserves valid investigation. Partially because people deserve to know the absolute truth and horrors of what happens and primarily because I want to know with certainty and clarity what happened to my family.
There should be no political agenda behind the Holocaust, and it should not be used as shock statistics. It should simply be a reminder of the suffering humanity has been through, the horrors that people have been through. It should simply demonstrate how lucky we are to be alive, in a time of peace, of general prosperity and freedom.
Once again, apologies for the misinterpretation.
John. {Ed001's Note - no worries mate. It is such an emotive subject I have tried to steer clear of discussing it myself. History is much easier to investigate and discuss when it is not so recent and raw. Just glad you can see that no offence is intended and we just want to get to the truth, whatever it may be. It is just a shame that we can't trust the powers that be to be totally honest with us, so that there is no need for any questions to arise regarding such an emotive subject.}

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Hey john no apologies needed i am just glad you see there was no slur on the innocent Jewish people and families who had to flee for there lives from a madman.


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