Conspiracy Talk Archive February 07 2012


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07 Feb 2012 14:59:07
Anyone's thoughts about the Voynich manuscript? Also thoughts on the bible codes where the voynich manuscript is also mentioned. Hoax?
Are there any documentaries about these two subjects?

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07 Feb 2012 14:32:53
Think its been mentioned before on other post about steven spielberg getting inside info and getting funded by unknown people,watching the crystal skull indiana jones, makes u think whats fact or fiction. Frankyscouse

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Agree with you Franky...he seems to have a keen interest in all things extraterrestrial in nature such as the one you mentioned and the likes of et, batteries not included, close encounters of the third kind, taken, super 8, etc!!

Didnt he say before or something that he was told by some president about ufos being real or something...regan i think it was...makes you think alright what does he know!!


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True pmacc maybe its spielberg way of spilling the beans. Frankyscouse

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Or maybe just making a movie

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I'm just glad he didnt direct Predator then Frankyscouse


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Ha ha mj true or alien. Frankyscouse

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