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07 Feb 2013 17:52:01
{Ed033's Note - Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura: Corporations draining the Great Lakes of America dry to sell to China

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I just watched jesse ventura with the death ray energy weapon. that was mental the man who first got in contact with jesse about it. died of "natural causes ". which is what he said you could actually do with the " death ray" coincidence again. and on dark matters ( the program on sky) it had a program about nikola tesla he invented it. his great grand daugher "internally combusted" another way of dying from the death ray. there's too many coincidences in this world. its practically blatant!

{Ed033's Note - As long as the main stream media call stuff, coincidence or conspiracy, then someone will carry on getting away with stuff

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There are "no" coincidences in world constructed by the few. : - (

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Who pays for these videos

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07 Feb 2013 15:52:50
i watched both john urwin videos. seems real to me, he says the same things as andrew johnson says in the " where did the towers go " video. as in "energy weapons".
what we've got to remember is just because its sounds made up and crazy it doesn't mean it is. because the elite are crazy themselves the more extreme it sounds the more likely to be true it is.

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