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07 Jul 2012 17:31:54
If it even exists what do you reckon is written in the secret book that every president of America has contributed to and receives when made president.

Kopping a feel

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Well I believe JFK put in his top ten do's and dont's to woo women, Nixon was bowling tips and recipes, Carter was peanut growing tips, Reagan was acting tips, Bush Sr god only knows, Clinton just borrowed JFK's tips.

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Sorry Kopping a feel, that was a bit facetious. I've heard about said book as well, and personally i don't hold much by it. Maybe once, but given the decline of the presidency can't really see it. What would someone like Bush JR put in it?

{Ed033's Note - Bush Junior might put something like, it was all Dick Cheney's fault

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Ah but was it though Ed?

{Ed033's Note - I was joking, Dick Cheney is just a useful idiot for the ruling class like all the other politicians that get to that level.

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It might not be a book per-say but I feel like the deepest secret of the nation are passed down. To be fair Bush had an unprecedented attack. It was not like Saudi attacked an idea attacked and you cant kill an idea.

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07 Jul 2012 10:10:46
anybody heard of putting bugs in peoples heads,making them hear voices,driving them nuts etc

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What kind of bug? I'm not a fan of spiders myself :)

{Ed033's Note - They don't require "bugs". There is a remote "voice to skull" technology they have had for years now where they can point a device at you and speak into the device and you hear a voice speaking to you inside your head.

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Sounds like MK ULTRA the CIA were working on mind conrtol years ago, I think one of the rumours about JFK's killer/killers was they were brainwashed by the CIA

Matt_RFC {Ed033's Note - You may mean RFK, Robert F. Kennedy's alleged assassin, Sirhan Sirhan was mind controlled.

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Come on guys, as much i love science fiction and like to ocasionally read a good Conspiracy Theory but Bugs, mind control, sound waves to mind control??
that sounds and is very far fetched, there is a lot of unawnswered questions in this world, some have extremely easy explanations and some because of their difficulty we create theories for them, some may actually be the truth, but some i'm sure you realize that is our extremely questionable mind that throwns you fantasies.
Aliens, i'm almost sure they exist, in this vast universe it would be a completely waste of space, and also extremely ignorant of ourselves to think we are the only ones, but wether they are among us or actually been on earth is something we will only know when they actually either reveal themselves or actually do get here to visit.
I'm not trying to bash your theories but some of them sound more like you guys having a vivid and healthy imagination.


{Ed033's Note - mind control is not a theory it is fact. You need to get up to speed.
If you want to get yourself up to speed quickly go to:

scroll to the bottom and watch all the video interviews

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