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07 Jun 2013 20:54:25
more on the ben fellows accusations, just seen another interview with ben fellows and bill maloney before he went missing, the cook report where ben alleged kenneth clark touched him up over the cash for questions scandal, then the tapes went missing after the company got bought out and a certain politician named david cameron was involved in the coverup.

Now we know why only the celebrities are being outed, just imagine a few top brass mps got caught then the pack of cards would fall one by one, no wonder ben fellows fears for his life this sounds like a MI5 warning, and he is rightly scared, just imagine if this tape was found, this corrupt empire could fall.

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ted heath and others exposed on youtube shows its been going on for years and saville got away with it because he could have brought so many others down.

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07 Jun 2013 20:45:12
found a familly none of us have ever heard of, and this doc says they have over 300 trillion dollors in one acc, while having over 3k acounts.

when I google this name I get two results, about making wine.


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Whats the name

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Who is it?

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US GDP is 15 trillion. World GDP is something like 70-80 trillion.

One family has 20 times US GDP and they leave it sitting in one account?

Really? Obviously I'm missing something here.


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Who is it Murp?

Geordie Al

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OK didn't see the unknown family part Doh! Will have to wait like everyone else to see who the mysterious family is.

Captain Needa

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Do they live in Rome perhaps?


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I think maybe Murp might be pulling your legs pretending he knows more than he does to sound clever.

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07 Jun 2013 12:58:38
Freeman 'Rusty', the man who attempted to lawfully arrest someone acting as a judge in an unlawful hearing

Just want to post this youtube video to educate people about common law and unalienable rights that someone mentioned yesterday about people needing to learn their basic rights including common law, not the legal system. this guy has a great story about his personal experiences and how he studied common law and unalienable rights. Peace


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07 Jun 2013 00:28:57
In case anyone comes on about fracking after watching question time here's a link to the documentary Gasland (a must see by the way)

Captain Needa

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