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07 Mar 2012 21:19:22
I posted a video on here a couple of days ago...just as a follow up, here is a video which CNN was reporting on about shows how the mainstream media is lying about what is going on in Syria and how they are falsely reporting this propoganda!


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07 Mar 2012 18:28:50
Ok, Im now convinced, no one has walked on the moon. Forget about the flag and the shadows or cameras etc, the dust kicked up from the tyres of the buggy goes up then down due to gravity. If they were on the moon it would keep going diagonally upwards. Look for it on videos. What do other posters think ?


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Tough one to call! I seen a video where a guy made an exact duplicate in the nevada desert! Shot with the same camera! Couldn't tell the difference! Makes you wonder why we haven't been back??

Runcorn Red!

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I reckon the main reason we haven't been back is simply politics. The economic investment in such a project is monumental, and once it was done (which I personally think it was), there was no need to go back on a whim.

As the Soviets and China/India are now focussing more on Mars, it has followed that the USA's latest extravagant venture (forgetting the catastrophic JWST) is an attempt to blow all their competitors' efforts out of the water.

If the Moon was filled with oil they'd be [back] there in a heartbeat!


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The moon is apparently abundant in Helium3 which is an energy source and therefore valuable.
I would agree that the moon landings that we have seen are possibly fake, and done so to create conspiracy theory due to the monuments and structures found there, but do not disbelieve for one second that we have not been to the moon.

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07 Mar 2012 17:27:04
Kony the most wanted man right now i think so

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