Conspiracy Talk Archive March 07 2013


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07 Mar 2013 08:50:47
On Tuesday, North Korea's military command said it would end that armistice on 11 March, threatening "surgical strikes" on its southern neighbour and the use of a "precision nuclear striking tool".

North korea has said it will use nuclear weapons on the 11th of march but the article and wider press only show it as one tiny segment. NWOs way of telling the truth but only putting it in a small section and not having it highlighted?

No, I just think people would rather read about Kate Middleton and her baby, so the press focus on that instead.


I'm not sure I understand what the and Koreans are upto.

Yeah they have a million strong army. With mostly 2nd hand Chinese castoffs from the 70's.

This new guy I don't get the move. His dad managed to at least keep the peace for 20 years even depsite the nuclear weapons programme. The guy's got to know if he kicks it off Korea is toast. Or does he know how badly messed up they are and its a case of if their going down then trying to take as much of their opponents as possible with them?

The Yanks surely have some right dodgy high end black tech. I mean back in the 80's they were talking Star Wars defence programs and spent billions on it. Bush Jr carried on from Reagan and as far as I am aware Star Wars was never cancelled and continues to be funded. (Why else does the Pentagon have a Space Command? its got zip to do with spy satellites. )

So if anyone did flip a missile at DC ot NYC or LA so example the Yanks wouldn't be too worried?

And its not even like the and Koreans are anywhere near mounting a small enough warhead onto a missile based on what all the "experts" are saying.

Even the Chinese seem to be trying to reign them in a bit. I guess they don't want to see the Yanks get beat before they can pay their debts.


I really don't understand what's going on with NK. I mean they really can't be THAT stupid? Or is there something else going on?

Recently Kim-Jong Un passed a law that all Koreans should have one of 28 specially selected haircuts, I think the North Koreans actually are THAT stupid.

I think stupid is probably the wrong term to use when generalising an entire countries population that have a horrible communist dictator in power.

Melbourne CFC

The new Kim is just asserting himself as a strong leader and maintaining the illusion of a militarily strong nation. this isn't to intimidate the US or South Korea, the one thing above all else that the North fears is losing control of its people; the illusion must not be shattered. This will blow over soon enough and business as usual will prevail. the latest UN sanctions are quite paltry, that China approved them makes this clear.

In the cold war when Russia had their nukes and missles paraded, they later said they were all fake.

I would not be suprised if a lot of NK is fake, all this posturing etc, if they were going to do anything to their hated neighbours, they would have done it by now. {Ed001's Note - it should be remembered that the US knew it was all fake as well, but continued to report the vast weapons stores as real.}