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07 Nov 2013 21:45:45
just an interesting note, I've been watching Channel 4 advertising themselves "Born Risky" and a red pyramid in the background.

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08 Nov 2013 16:35:49
I think its to do with when c4 was launched when they had adult content tv shows on they displayed a red triangle in the top corner of the screen. I think its supposed to be a 3d homage to that. But yeah a pyramid and c4 is a dodgy channel. Mort

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What do you mean by dodgy channel Mort, I thought it was a decent channel showing alternate theories i. e. Bigfoot Files was on recently

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I mean they always bring in decent imported shows then bury them in graveyard slots where when your at college or work you can't watch them, really irritates me that does.

And I think a lot of their output is total crap, all that embarrassing bodies ad other garbage seriously who watches that?

And at times they over do things just to be controversial.

They do do some alternate theory stuff but for me its the channel that gets watched the least.


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07 Nov 2013 18:36:32
just had a reply of the bbc complaints team.

Thank you for contacting us regarding the "Million Mask March" held on 5 November 2013. We understand you felt BBC News did not cover this story sufficiently.

This was a disparate event, taking place across a number of time zones in a number of countries. It is difficult to gauge the scale of such a widespread protest in this way, but at no point did the numbers suggest it was an extraordinary turnout.

In London, estimates were that several hundred people turned out, which is not in itself the kind of protest that would automatically make news. Figures elsewhere seemed to be much smaller - 100 in Sao Paulo, Manila and Sydney, 200 in Denver, so these were clearly not protests that would warrant coverage based just on their size.

That said, the march was reported on the BBC News Channel on the evening of 5 November as well as during 'Newsnight', and on the BBC News website at:

Had there been one huge protest in a major city, or very well-attended demonstrations, a different view may have been taken. We also note the lack of coverage these protests appear to have received from other media.

Thanks once again for taking the time to get in touch.

Kind Regards

BBC Complaints

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In other words Franky, unless your numbers can be considered a threat to the establishment we are not devoting our disinformation departments precious time to manufacture a spin for the story.
How do they then justify "cute kitty saved from tree" type of stories?

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Well to be honest, that is a fair enough answer, they’re figures are correct also

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{Ed001's Note - surely the fact that it is happening in so many different places would make it news worthy though?}

08 Nov 2013 10:16:41
Human-interest stories at the end are usually coded allegories and/or social engineering. There is a message there for someone. pea

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My thoughts exactly edd, no matter what numbers it attracts it is still global, I can still contact the bbc complaints team and reply to there email with my case sheet number but before I do I need a bit of help, the bbc are spinning the numbers game so if anyone can think of any protest or march that made the news with small numbers the bbc are quoting, normally I would do a bit of research but I am away with family and friends friday to sunday so I won't have any time, any help would be great guys plus when I get back any info I get I will email them back and find out what type of spin sorry response is.

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What was that protest about the travelling community getting thrown out of somewhere in the UK by the police, that was small numbers but still made the news. That’s all I can think of mate, Ed I do agree if it is happening throughout the world then yes it should be reported on.

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They seem to find time to bash the "small time" benifit fraudsters.

Geordie Al

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Before I pick my daughter up from school I remember that travellers story mate I also remember the edl (around 40 odd ) walking somewhere at night after the lee rigby murder, I need links so I can send them back to the bbc, right off guys be bk sunday sometime adios amigos.

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08 Nov 2013 22:01:47
Benefit fraud is a problem though. So is tax avoidance. Opposite sides of the coin. Those that can work should work. One of the worst things labour did was chucking billions in benefits at people essentially paying them to sit at home whilst bringing in thousands of low paid eastern Europeans to do jobs the home grown benefit dwellers should have been doing. I fail to see how that was socialist.

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09 Nov 2013 13:12:55
That people avoid paying tax is so far off the radar of our list of problems.

Paying tax at all is more of a problem than people who avoid it.
Tax has no justification for even existing, but obviously you and the majority of people believe that it does. Now that's a problem.

"Tax isn't meant to be taxing" they said. Well why is it called "TAX" then? Hmm? pea

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09 Nov 2013 15:03:55
So with no tax how do you fund society, hospitals, schools and the like.

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{Ed001's Note - how about the government owning all the land and charging rent on it? Instead of you buying your house, you would then buy a long term lease on it, but the money would go into government coffers, rather a landlord's pocket. Cities would raise huge amounts of money for the country that way. They should also have kept hold of many businesses, such as the utilities and the rescued banks, to provide profits for them to use to fund services.}

Maybe Ed, it live in council accommodation and the rent an council a tax mounts up and services frankly are shocking for the money that's handed over, so I would be wary of them delivering.

But its a better idea than a near feudal tax system.

I've seen a few people in recent days calling for the renationalisation of the power companies in response to Ed's price freeze fiasco policy.

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{Ed001's Note - there should be no need to tax people if you move away from private ownership of land. It puts too much power into the hands of too small a number of people. Landowners have been a blight on this country all along, they are the feudal lords that became kings. The only reason they had the land was by force of arms anyway, that is no way to decide who owns anything.}

10 Nov 2013 11:16:39
Its a great idea but we'll never see it. I have zero confidence in the current labour party anyway. Think a lot of it could be unworkable.

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