Conspiracy Talk Archive October 07 2012


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07 Oct 2012 21:16:43
Just seen an interesting picture from a johnny bravo episode (I know not the best source), which showed johnny and a friend talking with a window in the background, the window shows a picture of two towers on fire with a sign saying coming soon, the episode aired in April 2001

1. There is only 1 tower in the picture...

2. It is most likely a poster advertising a film that features a burning building.

3. It was on flipping Johnny Bravo.

There are plenty of conspiracies with something to them, but this is just taking the mick.


Just because it's on a cartoon doesn't mean it hasn't been placed there intentionally..
look at the simpsons 911 magazine..

The Simpsons also includes stonemasons in quite a few episodes

Quite a large difference between the simpsons and johnny bravo, simpsons probably had/has an audience atleast 1000 times the size of what johhny bravo had

Johnny Bravo was a cool dude tho