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07 Sep 2012 18:57:56
Is it just me or does anyone else see Ross Kemp as a propaganda merchant ?

Matt_RFC {Ed001's Note - I totally agree! He really gets on my nerves.}

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Kemp does the pro pr stuff but i do think he is genuinely concerned for the men on the front line in Afghanistan and to be fair he does ask the men if they should be there,plus he does putt hes own ass in the firing line ,as for the other shows yeah i can see your point.

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For "embededd journalist " read M.O.D. mouthpiece . Still its nice to see how our
brave occupation forces are keeping us
(and the opium and the gas) nice and safe.


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Yes JR, my brother in law is in Afghan now he flys helicopters, he is very honest with me he says they should be renamed "Pipeline securities LTD"


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That is so true to word matt_RFC,and op's it is all about the pipelines.Tell me if i'm wrong..

red blancmonge..

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No red blancmonge your not wrong, its no coincidence the polish president was blocking a pipeline passing between Russia and Germany for gas. He was stopping it going through Poland and then his plane and all his cabinet died. Look up info on the pipeline funded by Nord Stream, needless to say at this moment in time the pipeline is on schedule. Its like the elephant in the room.


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07 Sep 2012 14:34:31
The sad thing is....people honestly believe that we're being told the truth by our own news channels.
Fact is, we're not!

The murdered cyclist, named as Sylvain Mollier worked at Cezus ( a subsidiary company of Areva).

Areva is a nuclear multinational, which is involved with uranium enrichment, and has ties to a company called Eurodiff.

During the reign of the Shah, Iran acquired a 10% stake of Eurodiff.

Areva deny supplying Iran with enriched uranium!

This was a Mossad hit, nothing to do with a family row.


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So the family were just in the wrong place at the wrong time?


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Didnt the family originally come from iraq ? if israel was behind this i thought they were targeting iran scientists etc

confused,mark d

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Yes the family came from Iraq. They also had a neighbour who has come out and said the police had been using his driveway to spy on the family from as far back as 2003. The guy who found them is (ex?) RAF and has claimed to have seen the other cyclist prior to the event overtaking him further back down the road. Also states he saw a car leaving the scene. Oh and before I forget, he also smashed the window on the car trying to 'look in' and waited 10 mins before calling an ambulance so his DNA has certainly contaminated the scene....


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Try typing into a search engine mossad +Saad al Hilli and you get quite a few hits but add MI6 and you get nothing mmm...very fishy

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Huws wheres the info comming from ?


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07 Sep 2012 12:42:44
just out of interest edds 1 and 33,what do you think are real genuine conspiracy's in your opinion?
frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - how far back do you want to go franky? I mean there are those throughout history, or are you just asking about recent ones? Only you are leaving it very open to a huge list!}

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Just give me your top 3 from anytime you want.
frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - cutting it down to just 3 is difficult, I mean there is 9/11, JFK, Marilyn Monroe, moon landings, etc etc. I think I will pick 3 a little more out of the ordinary, rather than ones everyone will automatically think of.
1. One of the most fascinating characters in history, in my opinion, is Temujin. Under the guise of Genghis Khan, he led the Mongols to rule the greatest empire in known history. His death is a source of mystery, but the conspiracy is that the western world let it be known his death was due to him falling off his horse. The greatest horseman, from the greatest horsemen in the world, they say, fell off his horse and died. To me, it was a deliberate attempt to take the edge off people' fears of a group of people that had conquered huge swathes of Asia by being better horsemen than anyone else. What better way to make them seem less scary than to lead people to believe that their greatest horseman was not so great.
2. Patriotism, a concept invented by medieval kings in order to get peasants to fight their wars. Still continued to this day, but now by corporations, I mean countries, to get the people to fight for oil or whatever they decide to fight over.
3. There were reports, written by Julius Caesar's scribes, that at least some of the population of Britain was black, when he invaded.}

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Well i agree with you , they are out of the ordinary lol, your first Genghis khan i cant really comment on,the most i have seen or read up on was a movie on filim 4 i think in subtitles ,about hes life growing up after hes farther was killed to hes friendship with hes mate ,was interesting like i said because i normally dont watch anything with subtitles.
your 2nd i think matt done a similar point about the same thing, and i do agree with you .
your last point i never had a clue about,so who imported black people to the uk?or was it the roman empire?
cheers edd
frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - the Roman Empire found them here, I don't know in what numbers, I haven't been able to find out any more about it (well I haven't actually tried that hard to be fair!). The Romans, especially Julius Caesar's men, were scrupulous about recording everything, but most people weren't. It would be entirely possible it could be a portion of the Celts, who were not native to these shores, instead they were driven out of mainland Europe by the Roman incursion. It could just as easily be that Britons were black, who knows? Without seeing the full records, I certainly don't, but it was mentioned to me by an historian as an off hand comment, following him doing some work translating some finds. I never really gave it much thought, until recently when I saw some NF crap about keeping England white and it made me wonder. By the way sorry for the slow replies, Ed033 moved house today and I was helping him, well more doing all the work for him, while he stood and 'directed operations'. Talking of conspiracies, somehow he even ended up charging me for the privilege of helping him!}

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Interesting ones Ed.

Hadn't heard 1 before but given as the guy was by my maths mid 60's and had spent 50 years of his life on campaign and in battle then its a possibility, you know old age, weariness, wounds, illness, any combination could have weakened him.

I found this online "In late August 1227, after defeating the Tangut people, Genghis Khan died (according to The Secret History of the Mongols). The reason for his death is uncertain and speculations abound. Some historians maintain that he fell off his horse during a horseback pursuit from the land of present day Egypt due to battle wounds and physical fatigue, dying of his injuries.[40] Others contend that he was felled by a protracted illness such as pneumonia."

2. The manipulaton of the lower classes has always been around in one guise or another, was religion, became nationalism/ patriotism. The lies change the objective stays the same.

3. i've never heard that one before, any other info? {Ed001's Note - my personal belief on Genghis Khan, is that he was assassinated by the west, then they made up the story of him falling off his horse to lessen his legend. Because he really was built up to be a legend at the time. As for 3, it is not something I have given much thought about to be honest, I never really saw that it mattered, other than as something to shut up racist knobs.}

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Edd33 charging u for helping him?is he turning to the dark side?
frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - seems like it.....}

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Genghis Khan was one of the most accomplished leaders of all time. He should be considered equal to Alexander and Julius Caesar, but he was demonised by the west and is often wrongfully called a tyrant.

There's a 13th century French text that says the Mongels were the most fearsome and unstoppable army in the world, and if they hadn't turned back of their own accord, they would have conquered all of Europe and Asia from sea to sea. Life today would certainly be different.
Like Ed001 said, the west were terrified of Genghis and the power he held.

I can recommend a very good book, Wolf of the Plains, by Conn Iggulden. It's historical fiction I know, and as with all historical fiction there's a degree of poetic licence to consider.
But it's still a great book!

Joe {Ed001's Note - Storm From The East is a very good place to start reading as well, not exhaustive, but an easy way into learning about Genghis.}

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