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08 Apr 2013 20:46:28
When everybody recovers from celebrating the death of the wicked witch here's a great documentary about how little choice we really have in our so called democracies.

Ethos: A Time For Change - don't support companies that you disagree with

Captain Needa

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Good documentary captain, if youre new to this site check it out

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08 Apr 2013 17:19:01
poor kids of america blamed for everything. is it really their fault? I think not. why are kids as young as 10 on prozac or equivalent?

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Because it causes damage to their brains and keeps them dumbed down.

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I m a psychiatrist and for info I have seen how great Prozac or fluoxetine works. It's great boon for depressed patients I swear on my life I have treated atleast 1000 people with Prozac and all have recovered not 1 patient said it makes them suicidal or anything it's pretty harmless that way sure {Ed001's Note - sorry but you could be anyone, there is absolutely no reason to believe what you say has any truth.}

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08 Apr 2013 15:40:16
lets ruin the media love-in for Thatcher, down-load Ding dong the witch is dead on Itunes, get it to no1 in time for her return to hell.
PS My condolences to "PUZZLED".


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Or in the air tonight by phil collins with these lyrics.

Well if you told me you were drowning, I would not lend a hand
I've seen your face before my friend, but I don't know if you know who I am
Well I was there and I saw what you did, I saw it with my own two eyes
So you can wipe off that grin, I know where you've been
It's all been a pack of lies

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Elvis Costello - Tramp the dirt down.
Is my choice for No 1.

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Maggies Farm, The Specials

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08 Apr 2013 14:58:42
anybody no any good documentaries about ancient technology or something simular please cheers guys


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Try this dio.
The Pyramid Code: High Level Technology

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Cheers franky

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08 Apr 2013 14:22:15
so the wicked witch is dead, I feel her death is long overdue, all the crap about if you never liked her you should feel for her family, what about all the generation of families she destroyed when she was in power?the sooner she is six foot under the better. {Ed001's Note - this is the one time in my life I intend to get drunk in celebration, I don't drink but today I will be! The sun is shining too, it has to be an omen ;o) }

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Nice 1 edd a few people I know are doing exactly the same thing, have a pint for me. {Ed001's Note - this is an occasion for champagne franky!}

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I think celebrating someone's death who is not a murderer/child murderer or overly evil person is a bit strong. I don't hear you hoping that Blair is next. Some of the things that went on under his watch were worse than what thatcher did regarding Dr Kelly and sending many servicemen to their unnecessary death.
I was still young at the time of thatcher being on but my parents said that she made some tough financial decisions for the country and had to sort out a labour financial mess almost similar to the situation we are in now regarding the bank last etc. You will always divide opinion if you are autocratic in your decisions in what is probably not necessarily an easy job.
Should all policians be wished dead bar maybe a couple? Because let's be honest they all serve themselves and have none of our interests at heart. I'd reserve it just for muderers and my step mother.

Supasub {Ed001's Note - your parents have no idea, she was as much a murderer as Bliar. She was responsible for stirring up a war in the Falklands to keep herself in power and earn money through her hubby's interests in arms manufacturers. Blair was simply following her lead. The woman was pure evil and deserves to rot.}

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Champagne not my thing edd maybe a double vodka, supasub read or watch what thatcherism did to the work class people plus I guess how many people died threw her actions threw the years is a lot more than the top 1000 serial killers put together. {Ed001's Note - I don't drink at all franky, I truly dislike the taste, but it is a special occasion!}

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Read David Ickes article or one that he has posted on his website today supasub, also you might try Chris Spivey. A woman who was very good friends with Jimmy So-vile so much so that they spent every christmas together for years! don't tell me she didn't know about that evil peado, or half of her disgusting government of the time up to the same thing.

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The biggest paedophile ring, ever, was organised from within her cabinet. Eleven consecutive christmas dinners with Jimmy Savile! She was evil beyond belief she destroyed the steel and mining industries, sold british gas and got herself into a war in order to win an election. She was a war criminal and she waged war on the poor. Brightest day of the year for me.

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Is right edd I will have a glass of the wifes rose wine (i can not stand wine but its the only thing in here)

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Ive already been the Claremont and had a couple :-)

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I can't ask my parents now, but my parents were well aware of what politicians were like including thatcher, they certainly didn't hold her up as some sort of shining beacon, my point was that apparently she made some good decisions at the benefit of the country. If you take everything rumoured to have gone on surrounding the falklands leading up to it then maybe, wether it was collusion and agreed with Argentina what can't be denied is that Galtieri invaded the falklands and apparently didn't expect a military response on the face of it. Maybe my father in law also has no idea either but he served as an officer in the falklands and he has no regrets in going there and as far as I'm aware I'm not sure he holds thatcher completely responsible. Regarding the peado personalities she has had connections with we have no real proof. You can say the police won't look further into it or there might be collusion but we don't know.

Supasub {Ed001's Note - what good decisions? You mean when she shut down mines that were producing better quality coal in Britain, in favour of mines in Australia that Dennis had shares in? Was that for the benefit of the country when thousands lost their livelihood and the country lost billions. She sold off the national silver, now the country is paying for it. Nothing she did was for the benefit of anyone but herself and her husband.}

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I am not exaggerating but the liverpool breweries will be happy tonight the amount of people that are celebrating the witches death heard a quote made by derek hatton who once was a local councillor he said "i do not wish anyone dead but I wish she was never born.

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Supasub thatcherism has brought every tax you can think off that we are paying now and for ever more, selling to private corporations we know pay exuberant gas, electricity then she introduced the poll tax as well as charging us for water, that's just a few things never mind the premeditated war the destroying of the miners by her and her cronies, corruption was rife in her power.

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She also used the Scottish people as guinea pigs for her evil poll tax a year before it was introduced DH

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U can directly relate thatcherism and all her policies of greed to our current economic climate, as with the majority on here I say good riddance to bad rubbish the only unfortunate thing is that she hasn't taken all the greed and unemployment with her, I guess cutting off the snakes head doesn't kill it anymore ;P

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08 Apr 2013 13:35:22
Hi first time poster here but regular and interested reader. Not a conspiracy as such, more of a well done to you guys for trying to open peoples eyes, Frankeyscouse in particular. Anyway, our beloved Mrs T has finally departed not sure which way though. Up or Down? I have my own view that more people wont' miss her than will! keep up the good work and ill try and get involved as much as I can. {Ed001's Note - I have already started the party!}

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Join the party dickie.

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