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08 Aug 2012 22:24:55
heyy, does anyone know what we should expect to see at the closing ceromony at the olympics ?

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Take that with robbie Williams :) and Paul McCartney once again ballsing up a brilliant song by putting on an American accent...

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Erm the closing ceremony farewell thanks and all that i think.Jolly good show team GB..

red blancmonge

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Some people think some ritual will happen but i personally dont think nothing will happen apart from a few fire works going off.

Irish Red

{Ed033's Note - It will be a ritual but you won't see what it's about. The opening ceremony meant something to them but meant nothing to everybody else

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Nazi salutes from more German officials ?


{Ed033's Note - That was unbelievable, that a german official actually did Nazi salutes -

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I know even my 9 yr old son spotted it !


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Doesn't it mean something else when its done with the left arm?

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Hey jude! by macca

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08 Aug 2012 21:45:11
Not a conspiracy such as but a snow fall in Johannesburg. Anything to do with us messing with nature?

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Forgot to say posted by pepperpot

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I'm on fire tonight. Snow in johannesburg i'd say nature is messing with us, sorry telling us what the law of the land is/world..

red blancmonge

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08 Aug 2012 13:53:18
Ed what're your thoughts on the stargate conspiracy?

{Ed033's Note - Are you talking about my thoughts of the contents of Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince's book? Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince are really good researchers

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Yes Ed. I haven't read the book but am aware of what it's about. I was after your thoughts on it's contents and whether you would recommend reading it? Cheers

{Ed033's Note - Obviously the bigger picture is that the government agencies steer the "Green" movement and they want to steer the alternative info/truth movement so some of the people in the alternative info/truth movement appear to be planted to help steer ideas. It's an older book and if you can read quickly why not read it.

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08 Aug 2012 20:46:58
i have been watching the walking dead tv series on channel5 which i think is a fantastic and like resident evil movie it poses a question ,some sci fi movies are based on possible things that could be going on now (like t cell virus) most of the opinions that ww3 is going to reduce the world population where a virus could do as much without damaging cites and infrastructure, what i found interesting about the walking dead series was not defending themselves against zombies but defending and being territorial against other human beings .

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08 Aug 2012 18:20:16
Hi ed, long time reader of this site I'm fascinated by conspiracy theories. What I would like to know is would It be possible to work for the illuminati without even knowing you are such as working in an organisation just as a normal job but the proceeds fund directly to the illuminati and if so what would the give away signs be? Also is there an credible interviews with any members?

{Ed033's Note - Yes it's possible to work for the illuminati without knowing about it. The Leo Zagami interview with Project Camelot could be a good interview to watch

Project Camelot Interviews Leo Zagami - Part 1 of 3

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I think most people work for the Illuminati in a direct or indirect capacity and are unaware of this.

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Kerry cassidy grinds on me,if she just let the guy finish off a sentence or story she butts in with another question.

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08 Aug 2012 02:14:26
Just watched the film the island and I know it's made up but it gets you thinking what if there are organisations like that. Or the person you just met isn't the actual person and infact died years ago. It got me thinking, anyone else ?

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Bk from my hols,my take on this subject the island movie is about human cloning and i deffo think its going on and has been going on for a few years,a few videos about famous people that seem to look 20 years younger after suffering from very bad illnesses.

{Ed033's Note - nice to see you back, frankyscouse

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Cheers edd

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Cloning has been going on for thousands of years.

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Has it? Proof?

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Cloning someone doesnt have to be down to the bioligical level.
You could just kill someone and get a body double. So in theory you have cloned them even though it is an imperfect clone. And yes there are many well documented cases of this over the years.
Now the use of exact cloning seems far fetched for me especially in human forms because of the rate of maturing process our body takes say you produce a clone process when your forty,well technically you would be 80 before that clone is the age you were at production.
Now I dont know about any special methods for rapid growth or maybe stem cell but then the mind would have no memory backup or past experiences.It is a very tricky thing to clone someone I feel not as easy as movies would lead us to believe.

Kopping a feel

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@ "Has it? Proof?"

Yes it'll be on the six o'clock news tonight.
It was in The Times last week.
The BBC showed a documentary on it last month.
Textbooks in schools have been updated last year.
The UN admitted it the other day.

Oh no - they didn't. Nor will they.
Here on this planet one has to figure things out for oneself. There is no direct proof that will convince you.
I don't want to convince you.
I don't care.
Figure it out for yourself, like others have.

P.S. Welcome to Earth (don't drink the cool aid)


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