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08 Aug 2013 19:16:52
{Ed033's Note - Larken Rose on why activism doesn't work

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For a second there ed thought that was Paul Scholes! :)

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Getting the masses on side is going to take a monumental event to happen, I can not see it personally myself people are to scared to stand up for there rights my mum as a prime example who will not question a bill and will pay without hesitation and not question it, she knows it is not right but still pays and she is not a sheep she knows its wrong, I will stick to my opinion that things have to be dire for everyone and ONLY a revolution can cleanse ourselves from the kabol.

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{Ed033's Note - Yes, absolutely, it's going to get a lot worse yet and still the masses will take it.

08 Aug 2013 16:05:06
Does anyone else see "stars" in the sky that are there for a while then when you look again they're gone?

The other night I went to let my dogs out about 11. 30pm and whilst waiting at the door for them I looked at the sky for a while and noticed a "star" that looked like it was moving so I though it was a plane or something so didn't think anything of it but then it stopped. and was in a stationary position for a over 45min (kept checking up on it every adverts) but as I went to check on it before I went to bed (about 1) I noticed it has gone.

probably nothing but I wonder if anyone else saw this who lives in north Nottinghamshire?

just thought it was quite strange that it was moving then stopped for ages then gone.

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It's the Perseid Meteor Shower. Every year Earth travels through the remnants of a meteor in the area of the Perseus Constellation. This occurred this week.

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Didn't realise a meteor could stay still for over an hour.

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Fair point. Alternatively, it could be geostationary satellite. They appear as a fixed point of light.

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