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08 Dec 2011 16:55:33
165 MPH winds in scottland.......the ice age is nearing.

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{Ed033's Note - Piers Corbyn on global cooling

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Its all about money , carbon tax etc , lie, lie lies , people need to wake up...........lfc

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This is normal weather for the Scotland. Ha

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This is off FOX NEWS , believe at your peril.
{Ed033's Note - Piers Corbyn is attempting to inform people that the climate changes are about natural climate cycles not humans.}

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Well..................surely if there was an ice age some time ago..... {Ed001's Note - the one during which Siberia was a tropical paradise you mean?}

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Who knows, we don t have any witnesses. They can say what they want at the end of the day, no-one to contradict them.

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07 Dec 2011 23:55:51
Has anyone seen this below video put together by Bob Powell about Lybia...its unreal to see the difference between what is and was reported in the mainstream media and what actually went on regarding it. Here's the video if anyone wants to see it...PmacC

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Fantastic video mate, i've said all along the media manipulated everyone into wanting to kill Gaddafi. If it was the other way round Bush and Blair would be in a coffin because they both are sly murderers who no one wants ot take notice of. Gaddafi new their plans and tried to expose them to the public only for it to be turned against him.


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Agreed great video,i should not be shocked by that but i was, frankyscouse

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Yeah, i thought i knew a good bit about it myself but this completely blew me away!!

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I can't quite believe what I've just seen. Terrible.

Matty b

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I never knew gaddifi was sodimized,once apon a time you had to go on arab websites to see sick stuff like that and beheadings etc etc but when i done a google check on gaddifi tourtue,all mainstream nations showing the video,we are deffo getting desensitised to all of this sick stuff. Frankyscouse

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This war was nothing to do with freedom for libyan people,regime change was wanted mainly by the west,gadaffi knew too much about all of them,the western media are a disgrace for their totally biased reporting,with racism never off the tv,i found it strange our media was more interested in what john terry was meant to have said to ferdinand than actually reporting about the mass slaughter of black people in libya by the so called rebels who our country shamefully bombed,armed,trained and fought on behalf off.NATO claimed to protect civilians yet killed and helped kill thousands,totally disgusted in the role we played.

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I worked and lived in Libya for five years from 2002 to 2007 and yes a number of these policies were government driven although to say they were available for all Libyans is not true. If you were from the correct tribe you were looked after and the further east you travel i.e towards Benghazi, these policies were none existent....fact. He was not well like east of Sirte. It is true to say that he had no weapons of mass destruction that was propoganda on the part of the West. I was working on the runway for the main military base in Sirte when Blair visited prior to the supposed decomissioning. It was clearly a deal to get Gaddafi in with the West and get BP back into oil exploration in Libya.

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Totally shocked

mark d

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Good work Pmac, though i am suprised at the level of shock from people. The real up-risings in the western-backed arab countries were ignored by the our goverments and media, while banging on about mad dog gaddafi. Surely now everyone can see that Syria and Iran are the next victims. We have a Facist under-belly running the west and have had for sometime. JR

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I find it a bit odd. I mean most Arab people have been repressed for generations, they finally get tired of it and want to oust the dictators and its some massive conspiracy?

Would you have said the same thing in 1989?

I'm not saying that we haven't had a shady hand in things somewhere along the way.

But what i have of Egypt and Syria is a repressed people crying out for freedom. Should they be denied?

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We are well aware that our gov't lie to us all the time (some of us at least) but we have to be real careful of believing people just because they disagree with the same people we do.


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13 Dec 2011 01:38:12
there was a Libyan rebel living in dublin his house was broken in when he was in Libya fighting and the theifs found 200 000 euro in his hot press he said he was paid that by the CIA that's a hell of a lot of cash

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That video blew me away, but im not surprised by it, nothing goverments do astounds me any more, but saying that -gaddafi was a murderer plain and simple and whether he had changed his ways or not is neither here nor there. These kind of people deserve to die for the suffering and hardship they have put upon there people and others and you can bet that what happened to gaddafi he has done much worse to others - the only difference between a despot and a president or prime minister is the language they speak

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