Conspiracy Talk Archive December 08 2012


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08 Dec 2012 15:49:15
Ed do you think there is anything in the fact the government kill off pensioners with putting something in the flu jags, it seems to kill off a lot of them not saving them. {Ed001's Note - yes, I believe our govt have a deliberate policy of euthanasia, involving not just the flu jabs but the lack of care for pensioners in hospitals. They elderly wards are filthy, dirty and have a distinct lack of staff to do anything about changing that.}

Me and my friend were talking about old people being helped to die and my friend said "well when you get to a certain age you should be put to sleep anyway, if i was 90 and was stuck in a wheel chair and couldn't wipe my own backside then i know it's time to go, they are just wasting away and not doing anything useful and they're also taking up a lot of money for support, money that could go to new borns and young children".
i was a bit surprised by his coldness of the subject but after thinking about it i agree slightly.. (not with the killing of people)

what do you think ed..
very hard subject to talk about.

JK92 {Ed001's Note - I think people deserve to choose for themselves, it is all very well saying you wouldn't want to live like it when you are ok. Wait until he is elderly and I bet he is singing a different tune. There is plenty of resources for all to live well to whatever age, there is absolutely no need to get rid of someone just because they are old! What next? Reduce the age to 80? Then 70? Before we know it, we are living through Logan's Run.}

I agree ed, if someone wants to die then it should be up to them as long as it is done professionally, like they do in Switzerland.


Agree with ed001 people deserve to decide if they want to die if they are in a bad condition as there are countless stories of 80 year olds doing sky dives etc. but what do you think about criminals who are in for life wanting to die? I think when you take a life you don't deserve to make decisions like that but a certain mrs Blair will disagree with me

The problem is if your insured your policy will not be paid out if you take your own life.

my wifes work colleague is fighting with the insurance company in court because her husband took his own life.
they are saying depression is not a medical diseases.

champagne charlie