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08 Feb 2012 23:23:24
Everyone has to watch project avalon interveiw with psudo name charleshe is from london, you cant see he's face and he's a different type of whistleblower in that he admits he has no conceance. Frankyscouse

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Very interesting but he could be talkin complete bollox. i hope he does another one abit more in depth. bill is alot better on his own in my opinion.

matty b

{Ed033's Note - Charles interview with Bill Ryan

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I think bill ryan is a better inteveiwer without kerry cassidy and he would have done his checks on charles, the thing about charles is he does not care if you believe him or not, he does not show his face so its not an ego trip, the only thing about the interview it like going to mcdonalds, you want more, deffo need a another interview, it makes a plesant change that its a man ex hooligan getting involved in to stuff we need to know more about, if you go on project avalon forum and he sometimes posts and he comes across as an arrogant person who does not care about anything, he mentions 33 true bloodlines who have known for thousands of years about whats really going on, who are the 33 edd? Royalty/rockefellers/? Frankyscouse
{Ed033's Note - I think that's the types he's talking about.}

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I have seen a few of the avalon interviews. For me they are people who have like myself woken up, and know that what we are being led to believe is false but have lost rational thought a little bit like a religious person has.

Lizard people and shape shifters?? Some people who think they have woken up have actually lost touch with reallity, in my opinion its not their fault, they couldn't handle the fact they were being told lies and it blew their minds when they found out some things and their imaginations went into overdrive until the point when they believe their own imagination.

Possibly the same as paranoia ? If you all want the serious truth start looking at who funded major wars in history and take it from there.

{Ed033's Note - David Icke said a long time a go that what is really going on is so bizarre that nobody will believe it.}

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08 Feb 2012 21:32:16
Isn't it a bit convenient that Capello quits and all of sudden Harry is in the clear? The whole way through his trial he made errors and was caught out, the verdict went against what many thought. It seems very funny that the favourite to take over the job suddenly had his name cleared and held in high regard as opposed to shamed?

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I think its total coincedance that hr gets cleared and fc resign's, how the did the fa know a few days ago fc would make a coment about terry? Infact alls fc said was he wanted jt to be he's captain(i am not a fc or jt fan at all)i just think the fa seen a oputunity and made cappelo jump, the most corrupt thing about our football is the fa. Frankyscouse

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The fa in my opinion r totally corrupt they wanted cappelo out end of.They jump on the man u parade and stand up for the thug that is rooney and the liar that is evra,the tax dodger(harry) and feel fit to punish suarez for speaking in his native tounge.ur spot on frankyscouse...


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Haha, bitter scousers even infiltrating the Conspiracy page! Leave your anti-United bitterness at the door lads, this is a different page!

It is weird, and very coincidental - the FA are corrupt as hell though that much is without question.


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Red sky not bitter at all, am not going in the liverpool man u debate, lets say we agree tog disagree, i am looking at the bigger picture,we have people running our football who are baseing football decesions on moral opinons led by the media, like i said jt is not the player he was 5 years ago plus as a person he is not my cup of tea but this incedent mirrors what this conspiracy site is all about,you have a public company who claim they are taking the high ground over jt but before a euro qualfier when this first happend they backed him as captain,i totally think its the media that dictates who is in or out,gone will be the days when we have the best managers or best eleven footballers because if you have any skeletons or vices then our corrupt media will dictate our corrupt fa. Frankyscouse

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I completely agree about the FA they claim they're setting an example with JTs remarks, but they're still unproven and infact insignificant. Who the hell cares what's said on a football pitch, it's no worse that's what said in any factory or pub on a daily basis.
If they were all about setting examples then surely Rooney would have had his ban lengthened and not reduced, so we can't have abuse on a pitch but we can have thuggery? Ridiculous. Surely if Terry is guilty his punishment is an 8 game ban same as Suarez? Why are the police involved, why does it concern England?

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True,i think the media are going way over the top
, stuart pearce getting attention on what he said to paul ince 15 years ago ffs, what next? Frankyscouse

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Dont say "WHAT NEXT" Franky mate cos Suarez will probably get a bloody red card against the mancs now...You just Jinxed him aaaarrrrgggghhhh


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Mj my fingers are now glued ha. Frankyscouse ps what next fergy getting a red card? Now that will be a jfk moment

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08 Feb 2012 19:01:01
Right i dint claim to know about history, so here is my take on syria,syria is russian backed a bit like israil and the usa,so the terrisom in syria could have been planted by the usa to cause unrest and get the public to overthrow the present leader and bring in a leader who is more symperthetic(sorry spelling) to usa,hence russia and china stance because they know what the usa are up to and told them to keep there nose out. Am i on the right line? Frankyscouse

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Franky possible.

However its more liekly that the Arab people all through the middle eats are just sicl of dictators and want freedom.

Or its being stirred up by Fundamentalists who see it as their chance to take over.

It could end with a more pro democracy type leadership or a more Fundamentalist type leadership which is why the Americans have always been wary of regime change in the past.

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Agree with ya franky!! what i cant understand though is why a country thinks it has the right to tell another country what to do and to use force to get it to do what it wants it to do...thats dictatorship right there!!


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Maybe the fundlementlist have been aided by the cia? Am playing devils advocate. Frankyscouse

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USA have a history of funding and arming Uprisings when it will in the long run be an advantage to themselves. Look at the mujahadeen, the us were best buddys with Bin laden then !


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08 Feb 2012 15:00:43
ed whats your thoughts on the all seeing eye on the american money ? in my opinion it means we control money the we control you who has money has the power ?


{Ed033's Note - It was Franklin Delano Roosevelt that approved the "all seeing eye" on the $1 note but he and Henry A. Wallace were communicating with someone they referred to as "Guru", called Nicholas Roerich. This group of 3 were into the esoteric. When any group forms and uses a symbol, the group can decide what that symbol means. I don't know who decided to put the "all seeing eye" on the $1 note. Was it this group of 3 or was Franklin Delano Roosevelt told to put the "all seeing eye" on the $1 note by another group?

To me the "all seeing eye" could mean anything depending on which group put it there.}

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08 Feb 2012 11:54:05
ed's or any one for that matter what are the pyramids i really doubt they where tombs as they are not decorated like a any of other pharaohs tomb on the inside sure if they where tombs and they went to the extent they went to build them they would decorate them on the inside

{Ed033's Note - Large pyramids tend to make the weather around the pyramid more mild than otherwise. People have suggested they are machines than harness earth energy or make energy.}

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I read that they can be used to preserve things ie food, flesh. and strangly also keep razor blades sharper for longer

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Sadly i saw the pyramid preserve items busted on myth busters plus the pyramids and sphinx all have rooms underground that only the top government dogs in egypt can enter


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I've seen suggestion of them being hydraulic ram water pumps. Given the demand for water in the region its possible.


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I saw a link on youtube i think that tells the story of the pyramids being at the centre of the world to exact measurements,at the centre ,i mean the centre of the worlds land mass.They put the theory that they were used for navigation by aliens,as back then they were lined with shiny stone and topped with gold,reflecting the suns light for thousands of miles into space.I find this theory plausible in a way,being how the hell would the Egyptians know to build the pyramids,if they did,in the centre of the worlds land mass
jl {Ed033's Note -

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I think the pyramids could be a teleportation device if we look into it the markings on the walls the egyptions prayed to gods that didnt resemble humans then there is the blocks perfectly cut you need lasers to do it like that and i heard that the brightest star sits on top of the pyramid every 300 years for that accuracy i dont beileve we made the design

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08 Feb 2012 01:17:45
Who's the more powerful, the British Royal family or the Rothchilds?

{Ed033's Note - Allegedly, parts of the British Royal family are the Rothchilds

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I think you could be right about that Ed033.

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Prince Phillip is a Rothschild its obvious. The Rothschilds are more powerfull though, just read the Balfour declaration !

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08 Feb 2012 00:44:55
Imagine knowing all the secrets in the world that are covered up. Would be pretty cool!

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07 Feb 2012 20:30:16
Inela benz interveiw on project avalon is not normaly a interveiw i watch but out of all the people to claim to be awake and then some,watching her interveiw i get a gut feeling she is telling the truth,unlike most interviws with people who are trying to flog there books or are on a ego trip,edd have u seen the interveiw?and if you have your thoughts? Ps bill ryan is much better interveiwer alone.

{Ed033's Note - I haven't watched it but I may do.}

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