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08 Jan 2012 22:18:37
more about ex mi5 annie machon, a interview about her life in mi5 i never knew she was going out with david shayler and he thinks he is the new messiah, good interview though.

{Ed033's Note - david shayler was getting onto main stream media telling the presenters that 9/11 was an inside job and then he went quiet for a while and later came out at a festival where he started saying he was the new messiah.

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How big are her eyes! Is she a grey?

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08 Jan 2012 22:10:30
check this out 9/11 debate its very interesting you have a ex mi5 annie machon and some other guy thinking its an inside job on the other side its a american journo and nick pope which has disappointed me as i thought pope was a feller who wanted the truth out, in reality he is a puppet on a string.


{Ed033's Note - nick pope is still working for a government agency. It was obvious when he first came out that he was still working for them. I don't know why people bother with him on alternative info radio shows or alternative info conferences etc. Just so obvious he's a government agency tool still promulgating the government agency lines/lies.

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Well edd when i first got into the ufo stuff in the 1990s when pope came out and i thought at the time he was the skully(x files) in that he was saying 99per cent of sightings were x plained and without saying aliens exsisted he was saying something can not be explained,but its more evedent to see hes on the payroll when he gets involved in 7/7 london and 9/11 and how he trys to justify its al queda, it makes me sick he is a goverment propiganda tool, as for shayler who dresses up as a woman now, hes ex annie machon says in the interveiw its normal for people who go against the goverment turn weird,jesus christ this is a f king disgrace.

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08 Jan 2012 19:11:22
Hi Eds know Jay Z and Beyonce's baby will be named "Blue Ivy", but is there some sort of subliminal message in this? Here's a few theories from the rest of the internet...

Spelt backwards it's "Eulb Yvi", Latin for "Lucifers daughter", meaning devils daughter. I saw this, but i can't interpret latin, maybe you could help out?

I.V.Y = Illuminati's Very Youngest
B.L.U.E = Born Living Under Evil.

Do you think it's just a coincidence or is there thought put into this? Stuff these people do doesn't surprise me anymore, so I would believe something like this.

What do you think?
(Any others with views feel free to share them)

{Ed033's Note - These people do some weird stuff yes. Just look at the Obama "Yes We Can". When played backwards sounds something like "Thank you satan"

but anyone can make up what Blue and Ivy could stand for.

Obama - Yes We Can = Thank You Satan

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This is on top of the recent studies that Rihanna is part of the illuminati also as one of her recent music videos if you pause it at an exact moment it shows the iconic symbol of triangle & eyes this has also occurred in several Lady Gaga videos, it seems to be trending...Satanism is bearing its ugly head once again it seems, consequently to this many people who 'worship' pop idols such as these may catch wind and follow them into the illuminati.


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In relation to my previous post where i said about a rihanna video:
Rihanna: Umbrella (2007)

approx 2:30

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Because she's sat in a triangle she's part of the illuminati? so any music video where someone uses a triangle (pyramid), circle (eye) or square (mason symbol) they must be part of the nwo?

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This video is outrageous! And Rihanna a part of the illuminati? Ludicrous! It's videos like this that ruin other conspiracy 'theories' and take away their credibility.

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Video is a fake, utter tosh made by some god fearing right wing republican.

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Ed 33 i thought you wasn't convinced about reverse speech when i first posted it?

Freaky though.

The acronum's could be right but i think people are just over looking for things. Lucifers daughter in Latin would be Lucifer's Filia so discount that one.

I doubt that Beyonce and J Zed would be anything more than stool pigeons for the illuminati, duped into thinking that they are important and know stuff but i reckon the high ups are just laughing at them really. If the leadership of the Illuminati is the royals and all the old families of europe and america i don't think they'll be letting jumped up popstars in on all the secrets.


{Ed033's Note - I never said I wasn't convinced about reverse speech. Ed001 could have said that.}

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Might have done Ed, can be hard to keep track of who said what.

Regards the so called celebrity Illuminati do you think are just tools to be used to drip symbolism to the masses but nothing more than that and so easily discarded or do you think they are higher up in the scheme of things? Mort.

{Ed033's Note - All these celebrities including the so called "celebrity Illuminati" seem to be there to keep peoples brains occupied with nonsense and dumb people down. Maybe the so called "celebrity Illuminati" get to go to the "Eyes Wide Shut" type gatherings as guests or mind controlled slaves, I don't know.}

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Thats sounds reasonable, so just duped into thinking they are important then.

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08 Jan 2012 12:58:45
Hindu gods are Blue. Could these be ETs? If you look at your veins they are blue, could it be the earths rich oxygen atmosphe turned these beings blue? If you look at their tech and the stories, then it makes sence that they are actually ETs!

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Oh and also, listen to the rewinds WITHOUT watching the words on the screen. Can you make any sense of it?

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08 Jan 2012 12:57:02
Has anyone ever noticed that a giant asteriod belt surrounds our sola system? Is it there to keep things out or us in? What if we are here to protect us? Or we are here as a punishment? Could be mankind has been outcast for some form of crime a placed on a planet to ensure that we stay dumb?


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Or it could just be natural, we really don't know enough about our solar system or extra solar systems to really say one way or another. I think there would be other ways of doing it though, if it was to keep us in.

{Ed033's Note - The below documentary from the Electric Universe crew (, I found to be extremely interesting but parts 1 and 2 are tough going for new people to the Electric Universe theories. If you get to part 4 you might carry on to part 6.
David Talbott Symbols of an Alien Sky. 1/6

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Ok that was interesting, thought i knew where is was going at the start, seemed very similar to the Graham Hancock sort of stuff, then went off on a bit of an unexpected tangent but certainly interesting. Will make sure i catch the rest over the week.

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Ah just found them Ed no worries

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08 Jan 2012 11:40:54
new poster here sry if this is mentioned before

i read in some magazine that in the future there would only be women born some chromosome problem they say,do you know anything about that?

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I thought it was to do with estrogen (spelling) and that it couldn't be broken down therefore it is in the water supply which is making females becoming the stronger birth rate

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I heard about this on some animal program,
in a certain species of lizard there is only females and they "fake-mate" and produce like clones of themselves...

the guys on the program said there is less males being produced in the world these days..

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My first thought was nah, then i thought about all the maternities at work over the last 7 years and its something 7:1 ratio, then look at all the recent celebrity births, again more girls......Mort

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Um... No! figures for birth ratios around the world:

All have more male to female births. {Ed001's Note - all do? Despite NZ having a population which is predominantly female? Hence the reason I always wanted to emigrate there.}

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Does it Ed? Damn whats the immigration criteria, i bet its as strict as Oz? Any nasty creatures down there to avoid?

{Ed033's Note - It maybe strict but as far as nasty creatures, I think New Zealand is similar to this country with not many. China have their eyes on Oceania though. i.e. to take control over at some point in the future but doesn't mean they will.

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The site I linked is now gone, (CIA conspiracy anyone?) so here is another:

And yes even New Zealand, remember this is birth ratios not population ratios. in 2011 the ONLY country with more female than male births was Nauru.

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