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08 Jan 2013 17:42:48
A member of the Russian State Duma Yevgeny Fyodorov shared his vision of the current situation in the world with Pravda.Ru. He believes that the United States is preparing the grounds for starting World War III. Their plan is to combine all local conflicts together. The United States, when speaking about the fight against terrorism, in fact relies on extremism and terrorism.
Currently, the world is slipping into a complete destabilization that will inevitably end in a World War. This is precisely why many powers now are testing the ground. This is similar to the situation when the Soviet Union, fighting in Afghanistan, dealt not with the Mujahideen but with the Americans, Bin Laden and the American Stinger missiles.

This was an element of the global opposition and, in fact, a World War between the Soviet Union and the United States of America. The Soviet Union lost the war, was eliminated and enslaved.

The next part of the script is launching a global fire, unleashing a world war, uniting local conflicts into a single system of instability. For this we need to dramatically increase funding for terrorism.

We now see that the United States has dramatically increased the funding of terrorism around the world. The Americans will now act indiscriminately, that is, without consideration of whether they are giving to allies or not allies, friends or not friends.

Take, for example, the situation in Greece. Is Greece an enemy of America? But the Americans lowered its ratings and launched a European crisis.

Is Egypt an enemy of America? No. But the funding was provided, the "Orange Revolution" was organized, and now there are talks about a death sentence for the president of Egypt, who, in principle, was amicable towards the Americans. He was replaced by a more extremist oriented President, and not by accident.
That is, to implement the American idea, they will need a full rise of extremism in the world. The United States will continue with this plan. The growth and rise of extremism is part of the course towards World War III that the Americans need.

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I agree with most things you say mate but its not the USA its the faceless elite who want this and i am guessing they are not all american.


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11 Jan 2013 19:02:40
some of them are probably russian. Lets face it their not innocents, look at poland, germany, hungary, czechoslovakia, afghanistan. Then look at how they fought terrorism in checnya. Then look at recent dealings with ukraine and georgia. Almost as bad as the yanks and most of it in the name of an inhuman political system. Had to laugh at your remark about the soviets losing and becoming enslaved. Its anything but. I give it ten years and the red flags will be flying again over the kremlin.

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08 Jan 2013 16:33:47
Hi guys would like to add my tuppence on how things look on the planet.

Consider this (Call it a conspiracy theory if you like, but consider it anyway). What if, the global financial crisis was deliberately engineered by the banks and multinational corporations? The motive; to manoeuvre the masses into a belief that we all need to come to terms with austerity and accept an era of hardship, because after all, we are all responsible for creating the problem. Right? Imagine if the reality was that these very people who deliberately caused the problem, actually knew that because human population had reached a significant, saturation figure (let's say approaching 7 billion), and more importantly, that our accelerated technological advancement of the last 30 years has brought us to the stage where these global corporations recognise that they are getting very close to their goal of the complete distinction of small business and the demand for man power is reaching a critical low.

Consider what these people might control. Energy, fuel, precious metals and minerals, food supply and most importantly water (without drinking water we would be dying or killing each other in under a week!). Imagine the power they hold over government, any government!

My point is that we are calling our governments incompetent, when in fact I believe that governments make very few mistakes if any at all. Instead, every strategy is carefully considered and our reactions calculated. These mechanisms of control are the precursor to a new age of slavery of the disposable masses.

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At the end of the day its all about control by the elite, self sufficient countries who were not in debt were encouraged to borrow and when this manufactured rescission occurred the countries will be paying for it for generations .

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Exactly, money is not an issue with the elite, complete power over all is the objective.

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So how do china fit in to this conspiracy the USA owe it trillions are they part of the anglo american new world order

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My take on china/Russia/Iran is they have there own agenda a group of nations if you will but prob still have the same intent as the western alliance, there are no good guys in my mind they all want the same thing but like most board members they don't agree with each other, if that makes sense?


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So still and east v west kind of thing

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08 Jan 2013 14:26:46
Alex Jones piers slime ball Morgan update go to you tube type in there name and you will see part 1 and 2 of interview Morgan could not get a word in edge ways lol at one point i thought Jones was going to chin him, loved it when Jones said your a hatchet man of the nwo you fled england "why don't you go bk and face the charges of the hacking scandal?why did you get fired for giving out fake stories ? lol, well worth a look guys .

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Another update edds everyone after the show Alex Jones makes a video for infowars what happened before the cnn interview and after, here is the link.


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Good stuff franky. what freaked me out most about this "show" was a review on yahoo and how many people posting comments were pro piers and anti Jones / US, totally sucked into the propaganda machine.

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I know what you mean mate i have posted it on my cush44 twitter account and the amount of people sticking up 4 morgan is insane, i even got insulted by a fellow red, i said to him he can't be a real scouser then i got the insults lol.
frankyscouse {Ed033's Note -

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08 Jan 2013 06:50:43
Hey guys try and catch Bart sibrels film on the moon hoax....something funny happened on the way to the moon. Its bout 46 mins long. The last tens mins shows a clip and its very interesting. Imo I don't think they have been or its a cover for something else going on, either way its a good watch.

Matty b

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