Conspiracy Talk Archive July 08 2013


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08 Jul 2013 13:54:40
Im almost convinced Snowden is still active and working for someone high in the American echelons of war mongering! this whole chase and coverage just seems too convenient to me, its almost a soap opera now. I see it as very fishy, what you guys think?

Can't disagree there Mr Jones. Definitely something fishy going on. Personally I believe its all staged, with the intention of increasing fear in the populace. I mean stories of the govts of the world reading all your emails, recording all your phonecalls and monitoring your internet activity. C'mon I bet a few of the visitors to this site, who, when the story broke, thought to themselves " What have they got on me?"
Its about creating fear in the masses, another peice of programming to keep us in our place.
Its a peice of theatre going on. While the MSM were telling us that Snowden was being protected by Russia and the US wasn't too happy, so we should all be worried about it, the US and Russia signed an agreement. The agreement was that in the event of a disaster in the US (natural or otherwise), the Russians will provide 15,000 troops to lend a hand. Yeah definitely fishy.


You have a point jonesy about snowdon I think at the time I said I was open minded about this but as a few experts have pointed, what snowdon disclosed was in the in the public records anyway and there was nothing juicy we could find out about just recycled news, now because of this its gives the elite to change the laws and tighten up whistle-blowers in the future, another thing it does is make you doubt genuine whistle blowers as I have had a few people on my twitter mentioning Julian assange as a plant.

There is definitely something amiss with the entire Snowdon revelations. I didn't know that America and Russia had signed any agreements with each other so the plot is thickening. What purpose would it serve to force land the Bolivian presidents plane?
What I did find strange at the beginning of this saga was the fact the press kept mentioning he had walked out on his ex pole dancer girlfriend. It was a weird thing to focus on when he was releasing his evidence, albeit regurgitated information.

I think he's undercover for the us! He recently released docs saying 9/11 wasn't a inside job although there's more evidence to say it was! And now trying to get asylum in Russia which if Russia accept his asylum there going against Americas wishes which could start a war! Maybe this has been planned all along either way I don't trust Snowden!