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07 Jun 2012 23:57:20
seen a documentary last night about Antarctica and people who have trekked it in the last 130 years and many have them have claimed to have seen ufo discs and strange frozen creatures .the most deserted place on earth, just my gut feeling but i think thats were the majority of ufos are based.

Makes sense , franky .

Its got to be one of the most desolate places on the planet . Ideal for stuff to be kept from the public eye .


Well there is a claim by many that aliens have always inhabited earth, so the the majority of sightings of discs, people always assume the disc are from outer of space when they could be on our doorstop , we know less about Antarctica and under the oceans than we do about the moon, it makes you wonder.

The perfect place for all sorts of secret going's on, i honestly believe there is some sort of massive underground base there, stuff that will blow your mind..

red blancmonge

I beileve what you guys are is saying aswell its the perfect place for secret experimentations, no one really goes there its the most isolated place on the planet im sure i heard somthing about the nazi's having a base there but it was never found wonder if its run by the same orginisation


Whilst the phenomenom of UFOs has never been adequately explained coupled with the do they don't they exist aliens, why on earth would you think that Antartica is a perfect place for either to have as a "base" and "ideal for stuff to be kept from the public eye."

A native occupation of that region would create a logistical nightmare in terms of resupplying everything needed to sustain an ongoing operation. Air traffic alone would be a dead giveaway to the remotely interested and the region is not exempt from satellite scrutiny.
If there was some kind of black ops thing going on, say with experimental craft, any kind of disaster that rquired some form of search/rescue/recovery would be extremely expensive and dangerous.
Where is the advantage in such a setup?

And finally, aliens, why would an entity that defies all our laws of physics choose to hide out in Antartica. Given the assumed knowledge and power of such an entity, what purpose is served by being there?


Well I have heard and hope someone will have some more info on this but will go ahead anyway.
I heard that anyone who wants to trek the most desolated place on earth has to write to an international group dont know the name but believe its basically controlled by the United nations explaining their exact positions and which route they will take.
Then they have to have background checks and the route has to avoid certain locations and are probably monitored all the way from one point to the other.
It just seems strange to me that what is basically an ice cube seems to have so much red tape surrounding it.There are lots of theorys to this my personal favourite being that a colony of sub human was found by the nazis but realistically I believe that it is where the whole world is watching the incoming Nibiru (I know its a planet) comet which is being sent our way as it is coming from a southern angle and can only be monitored by placing the telescope on the Antarctic.

Please let me know what you have heard as I know my info is vague.

Kopping a feel

Paragon i never mentioned anything about black ops , all we know is the Nazis and Russia having a base there and your arguments against Antarctica being to remote is right but for human beings, most of the disc sightings have been in low populated areas,it makes sense if you want to hide something you put it in a deserted place,

Being the Hub at the centre of the world, Antarctica is the perfect control point.
The US NAVY controls who goes to Antarctica, what for, and for how long.

It contains many mysteries (to us) of the un-known (known to one).

Aurora Australis eminates from there.

It has been a base since at least before the last ice-age.

Mr October (formerly the renegade pea)

The name of the group who apparently run the antartica are known as the jason society and also there is a map called the piri reiss which was accuratley produced in constantinople in 1513..

red blancmonge {Ed001's Note - no mate, the Piri Reis map was COPIED from a prior map in 1513, not produced in 1513. It is the map which Columbus used to convince people to back him in his attempt to sail round the world the 'wrong way'. But it was known to be a copy taken from a much much older map.}

Thanks for that edd,still if maps can be produced as accurate as they were even earlier than 1513 it really makes you wonder what is so secretive about the it ..

red blancmonge {Ed001's Note - that map is one of the main reasons I believe the Mayans were correct about there being previous ages of man. I think we have been around a lot longer than modern science tells us, there is far too much evidence of high technology around from ancient times. Plus, it must be said, if the theory of evolution is correct, there is no way humans evolved in such a short space of time.}

We all agree then Antarctica has many secrets .

We do i enjoyed that one franky cheers..

red blancmonge

And superman lives there {Ed001's Note - isn't that the Arctic he lives?}