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08 Jun 2013 20:51:27
Eds do you think we could ever see the rise of nazi germany or the third reich again or even a fourth reich?


{Ed033's Note - Somebody gave somebody a warning on 9/11 when black technology was used to turn skyscrapers to dust before our eyes

Somebody got given trillions of dollars after that and it didn't go into the world economy, if that money was put into the world economy, it would be a boom time now.

I wonder whether the "fourth reich", said give us all your money or else after 9/11 and it was handed over, over the next 10 years.

If someone has all the money, what are they going to do with it?

Jim Marrs wrote a book called Rise of the Fourth Reich, it's discussed here on Coast2Coast AM

Dr. Joseph Farrell wrote a book on a similar note called Nazi International. Below is a presentation by Dr. Farrell

Nazi International presentation Part 1

Nazi International presentation Part 2

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Who said the Nazis ever went?

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True but just wanted to know your thoughts on if we could ever see what occurred before and during the Second World War in our life time also do you think we could see world war 3?

{Ed033's Note - We were always told that World War 3 would start in the middle East and was a nuclear war. This is prophesy and allegedly there was a nuclear weapon detonated by Israel on Syria recently but was covered up.

However, I don't see a nuclear exchange before 2025 as with the as above so below religion, the heavens are at their most "war like" state astrologically speaking in 2025.

Saying that though, it's more probable now that they have decided not to bother with a nuclear war anymore and will do something else instead.

What occurred before and during the Second World War is happening and has been happening in certain parts of the world , it depends on where you are situated. If you're are in certain parts of Syria now, it must be similar. Probably was similar in certain parts of Iraq and Libya, Korea, Vietnam etc.

If you're talking about UK, then I say it going downhill economically but it's very difficult to see what's in store beyond 10 years into the future

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Spot on Franky, the Nazi's never really went away. If it is true that Prescott Bush played a part in funding Hitler and his party, then we can assume that he shared similar beliefs. He would have impressed his ideologies on his son George, who in turn would do the same with his son, George jnr. For at least 12 years since 1989, America has been influenced by Fascist agendas.

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Like edd mentioned I see not nuclear war but things are going to get a hell of a lot worse, the riots you have seen in Greece/Spain is heading our way in the next 5 years, we will be to busy blaming each other that the squeeze will tighten,
the amount of social places closing is unbelievable, pubs and social clubs are dying or are giving the last rights, and it is places like these that men exchanged views and supported and listened to each other, in 25 years time we will be so out of touch with each other that it will be hard to trust or converse .

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Right on the money spudz.

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Sorry from the original post the rise of Nazi Germany, I should have said the rise of Nazi ideologies have never left.

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09 Jun 2013 12:04:57
Of course they never left. They were defeated militarily so went underground, regrouped and infiltrated supposedly democratic institutions. The European Union is the Fourth Reich. Pretty much most of the German war aims from both world wars have been achieved. France reduced to willing junior partner? Check. Continent wide customs union complete with one currency? Check. Communism destroyed? Check. Eastern Europe under control? Check. All done by stealth through the back door over the last sixty years. And they managed to infiltrate America through Family Bush and other friends. As others have said look at what's gone on over there over the last few years. Someone said since 1989 i'd suggest further back than that. The problem is how it ties up with other things, other elements in this "new world order". Mort

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09 Jun 2013 12:29:22
The question has to be who was behind the Nazi's? In 1929 they were regarded as a lunatic fringe, nothing serious. A better dressed and more organised version of the EDL. Just four years later they were in control of Germany. Even given the ever worsening economic situation and collapse of political stability that's a meteoric rise to power. So who were the puppet masters? After 1945 who decided to try by the back door? Just who is still controlling it now? Mort

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If there is another Nazi uprising it would be pointless it happening in one country it would have to be European wide. at the moment across Europe the far right are getting about 20% of the vote, I believe it would have to increase to 35 to 40%. it sounds a big increase but with economies failing and the rise of islam across Europe who knows.

every sane person wants to live in peace but if people believe the only way to get it is to fight for it and enough feel the same way it could happen . can anyone tell me what exactly fascism is. at EDL meetings the ANL turn up with muslims to disrupt the meeting. if you believe in freedom of speech even though you would disagree with the EDL you would let them have their say. islam is an intolerant fascist religion but the ANL are happy to stand with them and threaten violence to those who have a different view to them. I am confused.

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@I am Confused. I say this because you left no name.

You want someone to tell you what fascism is, then you describe Islam as a fascist religion. c'mon leave a name, nail your colours to the mast, or are like all those other EDL NF BNP racist muppets, scared to leave a name in case you have to justify your narrow mindedness.


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It has took me years to figure this out but we always want to label everything, from religion to politics! are we left or right or Muslim or christian?
left or right Nazi beliefs are plain evil, I am not getting in to the religion debate because I think most of you know how I stand, its a fraud to divide us all.
instead of looking for stereotype looking Muslim or a big Nazi looking skinhead, we should be looking for anyone who is evil from the monarchy to the gutters and hang them all.

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Is mrtrotskysghost your real name? [from I am confused]

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No its my user name, what's yours?
And now answer the question, you want the definition of fascism, so presumably you don't know what it means, but you describe Islam as fascist so presumably you do know what it means? I get it your confused!


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I will call myself joybringer for the benefit of mrtrotskysghost. you say I am like those other racsists. what in my post suggested to you that I am so thick and ignorant that I would judge a fellow human by the colour of his or her skin. I have stated before on this site that I believe all humans are consciousness housed in a biological computer. I am an atheist who believes every human being is a one in a billion chance walking miracle and we all deserve total respect as individual consciousness linked to the universal consciousness, so we are all linked. as for in my humble opinion that I think islam is an intollerent religion, I stand by it . JOYBRINGER

{Ed033's Note - You could of called yourself, MrIcke'sTwin

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@Joybringer, feel free to answer my question any time you like.


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Mrtrotskysghost I have no apology for you calling me a rascist in your last 2 posts. you have cultivated an opinion of me based on my posts that I don't understand. I thought fascism was the intolerence of other peoples views but I am not intollerent of anyone. I am a 51 year old unacademic working class man who came onto this site because I thought things in the world did not add up and wanted to see other peoples views. I now think I am incapable of getting my opinion across in a way that people understand, so you win. I think the links are excellent and peoples views are always interesting I will continue to use the site but I will keep my opinions to myself from now on.

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@joybringer, I never said you were racist, I asked if you were. My profound apologies go to you if I caused upset. Furthermore, I do admit to having a little go at you, but your post was a little contradictory. Anyway, enjoy the site and keep posting please. :-)

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10 Jun 2013 19:43:34
I get what you mean Joybringer. Certain parts of the religion are very intolerant of anything. I think islamic society is in terms of cultural development in the same stage that christianity went through in the middle ages. With a strong faction that's violent, intolerant and irrational lashing out at all around that don't conform with their view of religious dogma. It seems to be coming to a crossroads like christianity did. Unfortunately technology has moved on from the middle ages so when lashing out they can cause more damage. This also results in the decent moderate muslims getting caught in the crossfire caused by their intolerant fellows. And then gives ammo to the knuckle-draggers of the EDL. That fair enough?

{Ed033's Note - "a strong faction that's violent, intolerant and irrational lashing out at all around that don't conform with their view" this bit sounds like the NWO's idea of democracy to me.

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10 Jun 2013 20:58:59
Ed very true. Every movement has had its extreme wing after all. Fundamentalist Islam or the Nazi's is no different to the Bolsheviks or the Catholic Inquisition.

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Mrtrotskysghost, I except your apology with thanks. joybringer

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That's very fair

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Sorry, going back to the earlier post about how the Nazis meteoric rise to power it is simple. or maybe it is not by todays political parties all being the same. Before I continue, I do not wish to be lambasted as a Nazi of fascist or National Socialist, as I am not in any way shape or form.

I don’t want to do a history lesson as most will be aware of what happened, but we have recently seen a surge in people voting UKIP in the last local election, mainly due to the fact that people in mass did not / do not feel the major parties represent their views.

Similar thing happened in Germany, after WWI the country was going through a depression / mass unemployment / recession leaving the average German with no hopes etc. the National Socialists offered a voice to these people and won elections etc from there. Also, Hitlers rise to power was similarly meteoric and his party were able to promise that every German would have a home, a vehicle and job and spending money. All of which were delivered and is probably why so many people were willing to turn a blind eye to what was actually going on.

What you should be asking yourself is if a politician today could guarantee without fail that everyone in this country would have a home, job, car and spending money who wouldn't vote for them?

Scary stuff really


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08 Jun 2013 18:08:06
Has anyone seen this!

May 2013 - UFO ALIEN DISCLOSURE by Ex-Canadian Minister of National Defense, Paul Hellyer

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Yeh mate seen it last week.

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07 Jun 2013 23:15:57
Hey every 1, hope your all well.

i was wondering does any 1 have any theories on recreational drugs and the link there could be to terrorism.

i am not talking about them just using the money they earn from them. but more the fact that terrorists could use the drugs a weapon.

i was reading a couple of women in ireland had ended up in hospital after smoking some hash. 1 of them is on a life support machine.

i have smoked pot for over 30 years and its the 1st time I have ever heard of there being contaminated hash and it sort of alarmed me when reading about those 2 women.

the main suppliers of hash are muslim countrys (i am not being racist) but it got me thinking.

i have been to morocco quite a few times and if you go down to the docks you will containers that could hold up to 30 tons of hash, imagine if 1 of them was purposely contaminated and ended u in london.

thoughts please

malaga gooner

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I think the use of recreational drugs is far more widespread than we are led to believe and that it probably generates millions upon millions of pounds. You could class dealers and cultivators of the drugs in the same bracket as the top men at vodaphone, starbucks etc in the sense that none of them get around to paying corporate tax!
Seriously, it has been highlighted in the USA that drugs are brought in, by government agencies, with the profits filtered off to shadowy black ops budgets. I think the UK must do something similar, maybe on a smaller scale though.
There are, allegedly, many things such as tyres etc thrown in to the mix with hashish but not just in muslim states. The UK has seen a steep rise in people growing their own pot now, unlike in recent decades where it was imported to these shores. So you are right MG, terrorists are using drug money to fund their attacks. It's just, in my humble opinion, the government terrorists that seem to profit the most

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It was not contaminated don't know what was wrong with the women maybe something else they took. as for the drugs I belive goverments are to blame.

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The case you mention in Ireland had nothing to do with the hash they smoked, after all. It's now believed they were using aerosols also so I guess a ban on deodorant is next :-).
I would reckon that the 3 largest industries are oil, arms and drugs (legal and illegal) so the so called war on drugs is a sham. I'm an ex toker and in all the 20+ years I never robbed, killed or hurt anyone because of taking drugs. I made a fool of myself plenty time though. The problem isn't with the drugs per say but the false pretense that they destroy everybody. I'm sure the arms trade kills a far higher proportion of people every year but their is no call to ban that. If drugs were legal and out of the hands of criminals then it would make the whole situation better. However, if humanity was to freely experiment with drugs, like we have for millenia, it would become impossible for governments to control the people. Far easier to pigeon hole society and punish arbitrarily to keep the masses at odds with each other. Perhaps your idea of the threat of contamination will be the next big step, seeing how, now, anyone who partakes is being told they are directly funding terrorists.

Captain Needa

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08 Jun 2013 20:25:50
listen guys most pot in this country is now home grown. so the only thing to worry about is the chemicals going into it. its the organic v's mass production theory you need to worry about lad. myself I prefer to use the organic route, but this is hard in our country

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The drugs industry is controlled by governments, they use the money to finance black projects and illegal wars.
So, yes, there is a link between drugs and terrorism - State Terror.


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