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08 May 2013 20:47:03
The Queen just got a massive pay rise, mainstream said 5Mil I heard it was over 30mil UK pounds (She has over 700 servents), but as I said the pensions will be hit to fund the New World Order.

http://uk. finance.


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08 May 2013 20:31:38
Hi, I said over a week ago Ireland is next. 1384295.

This is just the start for Ireland.

And I just like to say I realy hate passing this stuff on, makes me sick.


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Murp. I appreciate the heads up on this, but I think the proposed 'bail in', is intended for the entire eurozone and not just Ireland.

At the centre of this proposal is the incredibly egotistical and dangerously right wing midget by the name of Michael Noonan, the very same excuse for a human being who sniggered in front of journalists as he arrogantly dismissed Greece as being economically irrelevant only last year.

But yeah, dangerous times ahead. Keep posting Murp. Thanks.


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Murp, Ryan,

I can see them not guaranteeing anything over the equivalent of the average minimum wage saved in the bank very soon. they will devise another "bank crisis" and take our money. Wonder what's next. if you have more than a day's stock of food in the house, they'll take it.
who said slavery is a thing of the past?


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08 May 2013 20:04:35
Has anyone got good links for information on The Black Pope?


Geordie Al

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Google leo zagami geordie he speaks about the vatican and the black pope.

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Cheers Franky. Ill check it out now.

Geordie Al

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The Secret History of the Jesuits by Edmond Paris is a good place to start.


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08 May 2013 19:19:08
With lots of people in America claiming underground alien bases in Dulce, have people seen the 2000 year old caves carved out of the rock in China?
No historical records have been kept of this, and the pics on the link below are very interesting.

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Those images are amazing. I'd love to go there and see them for myself. Ryan.

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Yeah great find khaki, man made? who knows?but now even with our technology it would be very hard to replicate that now.

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There are amazing stuff like that all over the world. Even some that no one has seen before. There was a poster on here last year who said there is an ancient city with structures that has been guarded by the government special forces for years and years and no 1 even has pictures of it. Could of been talking crap however, I chose to beleive him :).

Geordie Al

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08 May 2013 12:33:36
{Ed033's Note - UK Column video - Bring back the interest free "Bradbury Pound"

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Just watched the clip edd, people like this should be running our government. {Ed033's Note - exactly

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Watched the below clip and goggled more info.

Polititions are scared of the banks, great clip though. Shame we can not get Bradbury pound information to go completely viral and get 100 thousands votes for parliament to debate it.

Justin Walker at the 2012 British Constitution Group annual conference

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08 May 2013 12:13:36
Great vid this! interview with Professor Griff

Former member of Public Enemy, Professor Griff mentions how he was forced out of the group, poisoned. False flags, gun control, CIA creating Al Qaeda & flooding the streets with guns. The illuminati & all the major evil corporations running this world


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Good documentary m8, professor griff speaks like immortal technique.

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08 May 2013 09:52:09
Think it'd be a much wiser idea to leave the guns behind Franky. Marching through Washington with a parade of protesters with guns & with that corrupt blood seeking goverment is only a recipe for disaster.

Saying that its either a very courageous/dumb act or even another false flag. Too easy for them to stage an attack on themselves. Either way, the evil satanic goverment will be given even more power.

I'm all for standing up & being rebelbut I can't see this turning out for the better for the good people of America



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Agreed mate, when I read the article I thought to myself it can not be possible to carry arms in a friendly march even with permits, no doubt its a perfect opportunity for a false flag with many plants determined to cause mayhem, when this broke I thought it would have went viral but its strangely quiet, 4th of july independence day could be another day to remember. by the way is that you warrior of my twiiter?

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Definitely Franky. Interesting to say the least & about time someone has took a stand (a great Bob Marley song comes to mind) Yeah that's me mate.

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Nice one mate glad you finally wrote a post lol

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TBH I agree with this, staying at home moaning online or writing letter does nothing, It might be the death march but things must change fast or it's game over, remember V for Vendeta?

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Even knowing I hate V for Vendata as it's not as it seems, but in some ways it is.

Really hate that mask, its so wrong on many levels.

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There is being pro active and there is being dumb, if this guy is serious about doing this, either he has lost the plot or he is a plant.

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Well its breaking in mainstream media about this rally with loaded guns, I still find it hard to believe it will go ahead.


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