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08 Nov 2012 20:22:09
Regarding Abramovich, his latest boat the eclipse has a getaway submarine for any potential hijacks and a missile defence system. that is a boat made for someone who definately has powerful enemy(s). He used to help Putin and others make a lot of money. Abramovich would tell Putin and other influential people which shares to buy. Abramovich would then show interest in the company pushing the value of the shares through the roof, the shares would then be sold and the potential takeover withdrawn. He lined the pockets of many of the powerful russian government figures. I would'nt like to say if Abramovich has a position within the russian mafia, I would say it's ultimately lead by Putin and some of the russian oligarch families. Here is a link to a newspaper article from a couple of years ago about an english lawyer my father knew who got a bit tangled up with some of the oligarch's. Locally at the time it was thought that something very murky happened even to the rumour that it was thought that his helicopter was remote controlled by someone.


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What i have read about ra is he is a front for someone else,if he wanted to keep a low profile the last thing you do is buy a epl team in london.

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I'd hazard a guess, Franky, that the real movers-and-shakers of this world don't belittle themselves by being public figures.

That's for naff families like Rockefellers, Windsors, Rothschilds etc..

..well trained pets! Atta boy...

the pea

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08 Nov 2012 14:47:37
I am slightly annoyed with myself for asking this question, but does anyone know anything about the links with Arsenal and The Illuminati?

I really liked learning (or not) all about the Illuminati, their symbolism etc etc, and wasn't really surprised at all the imagery on our own Olympic Stadium in the summer such as the eye (stadium from above) and the pyramid lighting rigs around the stadium roof.

According to certain circles, the owners of Walmart, a business who have literally made hundreds of thousands of people poor by making their businesses fail, and by sourcing goods from china etc, are Illuminati. It's also said that Jay Z is Illuminati. Google it to see why. I bought an Arsenal t shirt last season and it had a half-arsed illuminati symbol - it's an A with a C behind it/crossing it, and a football in the middle. The A is half the freemasons logo, and the football and curve of the C clearly make an eye. I found this interesting. I did a bit of reading the other day about our 'wonderful' owner Stan Kroenke, and guess who he married? The heiress of WalMart. Also, JayZ has been intent on buying shares in Arsenal FC for some time. As someone who is definitely open to the possibility of the Illuminati stuff being real, and in consideration of the fact that the investment in the team is getting worse, as is the calibre of our squad, yet ticket prices are highest in world football when we were told that the stadium would allow more fans to attend games and so prices could actually be slashed a bit....none of this surprises me. Just wondered if anyone else had ever noticed any of this stuff to do with Arsenal?

Cheers...and sorry in advance haha.

Metal Gooner

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I know Jay z is a sell out but I think the Iluminati are all white apart from the Lee family

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Sorry it's spelt Li not Lee.

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Illuminati has nothing to do with colour mate, just putting that out there. It's blood lineage - if you follow Obama's lineage you'll see he is also of the same bloodline as the other Illuminati world leaders....pretty interesting actually.

Metal Gooner

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Surely if Arsenal were anything to do with the illuminati they would be a hell of a lot more successful?

Mikey Bhoy

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That's the old Arsenal badge from years ago, long before Kroenke was even a twinkle in his dads eye. I too find the illuminati stuff interesting but a lot of it is a bit far-fetched and this is definitely one of the far-fetched variety.

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08 Nov 2012 14:38:32
hey guys check out this documentary, Yorkshire TV made about pedophilia in the USA very very similar to the jimmy savile stories, in the 1993 for a cost of half a million dollars that was to be aired ,suddenly it got pulled of the TV and Yorkshire TV got reimbursed ,to this day it is still banned check it out on youtube and it will mirror image the savile stuff.

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08 Nov 2012 14:34:05
David Icke radio interview saying Jimmy Savile is a Necrophiliac as well as a pedo

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