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08 Nov 2013 22:52:48
I'm wondering what everyones thoughts are on each of these broadcasters. I have watched and heard lots of different segments of each of these guys shows, but I'm quite torn on who's being truthfull and who's being the scaremongerer.

William Cooper. Read extracts of his book 'Behold a pale horse' found it very interesting, listened to some of his radio broadcasts and found them to be very informative.

Alex Jones. Watched some of films, and shows, he too has some interesting points but he seems a bit much at times.

Jesse Ventura. Again, I've watched quite a few of his shows, also interesting but similar to Jones.

David Icke. Seen quite a few of his shows and listened to what he has to say, interesting also but sounds a bit 'out there' at times.

Cooper was killed by government forces, maybe because he outed a lot of the NWO/ Illuminati agendas. He also didn't really have a good word to say on any of the above theorists, especially Jones and Icke.

Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on all these guys? Are they all worth listening to, or are they just in it to make money?

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I spent a few years listening to Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura and David Icke. I see those three as part of the disinformation industry. All three focus on spreading fear and guiding peoples disapproval of this system so as to be permanently expressed through anger and frustration.
The first two by constantly screaming and the last by employing every negative image Hollywood has ever created.
Nothing positive can come out of negative feelings.

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09 Nov 2013 13:27:05
I've seen and done my fair share of Guru bashing; but I don't see the point now.

Some of them are more immediately transparent than others, but that's only the way I see it. If you can get something out of it then what more can we ask for? In my experience, each of the talking heads out there can serve as a means to the next level of understanding. Some people seem to get to levels they can't get beyond though, and often I don't think that's their own fault, nor the fault of the man or woman expressing their opinion. Things change, you learn stuff today you didn't know yesterday. It's the same experience for all of us.
That said, i've no doubt there is a nefarious side to this, utterly devoid of innocence and integrity, and what difference would it make if someone told you who these particular characters are?

Keep peeling away the layers of the onion, keep listening, asking questions (of yourself as well), and progressing.

The man/woman who is not afraid to admit they have been fooled is the one that will progress furthest, I think. pea

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I find Ventura extremely informative and have learnt from his work, I find him to be a honest guy simply researching different topics, he said in a interview tnrou editing it appears he is louder than is actually true

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{Ed033's Note - Unfortunately when Ventura did the episode when he told David Icke, that David was doing the stuff he did just for the money, that told me Ventura has a different agenda than what he portrays.

Thanks guys, maybe I sounded a bit naive in that post. I didn't mean to come across as if 'only one' can be right. Thanks for the replies, just another fellow human being in search of alternative answers to the important issues in life. I would rather listen to any of the above before I would listen to the usual television tripe. Not really bothered in which 'celeb' has had another baby (or bought one) or the usual nonsensical bull that the regular news comes out with.

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Great post boozy I know you said you know lurgan we'll could I ask if you would of bought a loose in a shop a few doors from your house.?
Not trying to be coy but I think I might you on a train a few years ago coming back from tall ships you recognised me. Am I right?

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HaHa you have me intrigued Lurgan Red, I would have bought a 'loose' in my younger days, and I did live very close to a shop which would have sold them in my later years. The Big Ship thing is baffling me though, don't think I've ever been to see them.

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08 Nov 2013 20:37:20
Silent weapons for quiet wars on youtube, this is MUST watch stuff!

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