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08 Oct 2011 21:06:46
Noreaga-The Arrivals.this will blow ur mind!

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08 Oct 2011 19:37:17
do you guys really believe all this illuminat stuff? Cos there's some seriously weird stuff out there and if its true its scary we're doomed

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08 Oct 2011 13:17:07
Does anyone think there is a huge censorship operation going on with these wall street protests...they are barely in the news here in ireland and from watching videos it would seeem they arent receiving much coverage in the UK...yet they are possibly one of the biggest events of the recent few is a global uprising...has been happening in europe,middle east, now america...probably other countries and regions too but we dont hear about it...the ordinary man wants change, the system is broken and they are trying to hold it together by censorship of the media...if it was receiving full media coverage all it would do is inspire other people around the world into action...its a disgrace!!

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Yeah i've only seen mention of it on twitter. but whereas the arab revolt seems to be working, and our riots were just revolting, nothing is mentioned on this. {Ed033's Note - Well we have people like David Icke now saying that the "powers that be/were" are now desperate because too many people from their point of view are waking up. We may be close to the 100th monkey waking up and then the only thing "the powers that were" can do is another large operation gladio (state sponsored terrorism) to terrorise everyone into submission. See history channel documentary on Gladio -}

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07 Oct 2011 23:52:55
ed i read the hancock book on mars years ago at college he did make a convincing case for planetary catastrophe. Most of his books make interesting reading. Also whats this with nic cage elite bloodline? Any further reading? {Ed033's Note - Basically it appears that a lot of the top actors, singers, poets, writers, politicians, business CEO's etc., got there over the years not because of their competence but because of being within 1% of this main royal blood line. Maybe you already know that all the Presidents of the USA were closely related to the European Kings/Queens -

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Nicholas cage is nicholas coppola ie francis ford coppola's nephew 1 of the main reasons he got into the movies. {Ed033's Note - I must have forgot to put film directors on the list as well i.e francis ford coppola. Just goes to show my point. A lot of these top actors are there because of their bloodline not their competence and that they are within the 1% of this main royal bloodline.}

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I watched that vid ed.

Is that 1% limited to certain grouping of people? Cos if my maths are right 1% of the total world population is 60 million people so it must be limited to North Americans and Europeans of a certain lineage? {Ed033's Note - This is worldwide on limited to Europeans and Americans. Look, no one can get above a certain rank in the Army, Airforce, Navy unless they are within 1% of this main royal line. Also no one can get above a certain level in Freemasonry unless they are within 1% of the main royal line. Another thing is almost all the wealth in the world is in the hands of 1% of the population.}

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Ok cheers Ed.

Still a potential lot of people.

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Hi ed is someone like roman abramovich (spelling) or the mega rich arabs part of this bloodline then? {Ed033's Note - I don't know which individual person is or isn't but all the Russian Oligarchs including roman abramovich is and all the mega rich arabs are.}

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