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08 Sep 2012 21:20:44
Hey ed's, regular's I've only been looking into conspiracies last few weeks what are your views on bilderberg group, rothschilds how much power do you think they have? some videos I've watched would suggest they practically own/run world or most of it, and only just seen lord blackheath speech in lords amazing that it never made mainstream news or if did I missed it anymore views info on that thanks!

L-G {Ed001's Note - this is more Ed033's area, but as he won't be about much for the next few days I had best at least give my view for you. Personally I think they have a lot more power than most people realise, the world is run by bankers, without a shadow of a doubt. The question is whether there are opposing groups or not at the top.}

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Thanks ed, just can't believe how much power/money rothshilds have I had heard the name before but never looked into it, watched video of their history and it is frightning the influence they have, if there is secret group of people running the world they would be most likely 1 of them. Definitely worth looking into!

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Ed, my thorough answer to this post has been lost somewhere are your lawyers looking over it first lol ?

Matt_RFC {Ed001's Note - it must have had something in it that got swallowed by the spam filter, I have not seen it on this end.}

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08 Sep 2012 12:16:42
Hi all. frist time poster. cld any1 give me details of where I cld get news sorces that actually tell the truth.
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Russia Today is pretty good too. channel 512 on the satellite box or slap it in google and go to their website. Whichever is easiest for you.


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FKN Newz with Deek Jackson, better than any others I have seen


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Thks Huws, Matt and anonymous i'll check them out
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Welcome 1st time poster. Unfortunately there is no single source of 100% accurate news/reports/evidence etc... I find the best way is to look at all avenues, even the ones you might sometimes disagree with, and come up with your own conclusion. At least if your conclusion is off a bit, you can be happy that you have taken responsiblity for your own view, rather than that of any single source.

hope you find whatever it is you are looking for!



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