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09 Apr 2013 18:51:36
Any thoughts on our third eye or pineal gland? Jusy found out about it recently, have read it can be used for meditation etc. Also heard that fluoride which is found in drinking water and toothpaste blocks up the third eye. Jdog

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It is definately used in meditation and can be found in hallucinogenic drugs to access different dimensions of reality, which is why the powers that be try to keep it quiet and attack it through such tactics as polluting water and toothpaste or things that people use regularly. This does indeed cause calcification of pineal gland meaning that most people don't get to access theirs, and it helps keep people dumbed down. A very interesting topic that is well worth researching. Gary:)

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A great documentary to watch with regards to this is Graham Hancock, the war on conscience on the internet. He is a really knowledgeable man on this subject.

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Have a look at Rick Strassman also. He has done some pioneering work on DMT and the Pineal Gland. Watch The Spirit Molecule when you get a chance as i'm sure you'll find loads of other great docs on the subject to keep you busy.

Captain Needa

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09 Apr 2013 18:22:08
I don't want to get involved on the Thatcher debate. I'd wear out the keyboard. All i'll say is I hope they put the coffin in the ground upside down, just in case she tries to dig her way out. Mort

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She just did what she was told to do.

the real thing that was sad about her was she was no mother to her children, hence how they disliked her and felt let down.

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09 Apr 2013 16:34:16
Earthquake reported just a few miles from irans only nuclear power station. Seems suspicious. Wouldn't have thought anyone would build a nuclear power station near a fault line. Thoughts?

{Ed033's Note - I guess you're joking; most of the world's nuclear power stations are built near to fault lines. This must have been done on purpose and we know the consequences i.e. fukushima (which is still a major problem except the main stram media aren't talking about it)

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Me thinks HARRP at work here!

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10 Apr 2013 11:19:21
But why would anyone knowing build a power station of any kind on/or near a fault line? Am I missing something?


{Ed033's Note - I guess you're missing some info. If you bribe / blackmail people who make the decision on where nuclear power stations are built, after they are built on or near a fault line, if you have HAARP type technology, you can threaten a country or even use that technology against the fault line to cause the fault to destroy a nuclear power station.

In addition, it appears there is an agenda to turn the Earth into a nuclear wasteland anyway. Haven't you heard about the uranium weapons (called depleted uranium) being used in the middle east wars. This has actually already turned Iraq into a nuclear wasteland. Unfortunately they don't mention such things on the mainstream media.

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10 Apr 2013 12:52:33
I also USED to wonder why so many cities were built on fault lines. pea

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09 Apr 2013 10:34:24
hows your head today edd!hope you have recovered?the celebrations around the country proved what a soulless evil woman she was and its the first time in my lifetime a public figure has been treated with contempt like this from the people, to make it a unbelievable week I would love to hear the news that blair and bush had a unexpected accident and they died, sighs we can only dream. {Ed001's Note - I hate wishing ill on anyone, even them, so I will just be glad when they are gone, rather than hoping it happens soon. Plus I am not sure I can handle another celebration......}

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Well ed you have a cleaner soul then me and definitely a cleaner liver. {Ed001's Note - not saying much that lol}

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True lol

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