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09 Aug 2012 22:24:52
i don't know if this is some kind of conspiracy or t but it got me thinking....
The use of mobile phones in petrol forcourts.
I was filling up my van the other day and the guy next to me was using his mobile phone a tannoy said that using a phone was dangerous.

Why shouldn't we use mobile phones? I've heard all the warnings regarding explosions but has one really ever occurred? what is the real reason we can't use phones

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Load of rubbish.

Mythbusters did this and it never exploded.


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Why don't you leave a name to your post,interesting none the less and your point..

red blancmonge

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Come on really conspiracy !!! No obviously not mobile phones can cause explosions due to the fact if you drop a phone like a small spark could ignite a puddle of oil then to the actual gas pump then BOOM !!

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The real reason is they interfear with the reading equipment on the pumps.

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09 Aug 2012 19:22:48

Link to an explanation of some of the ritual surrounding the opening ceremony and Glastonbury Tor

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09 Aug 2012 17:02:32
Anyone ever taken Ayahuasca?

{Ed033's Note - Graham Hancock has

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No, but in Colombia I hung around with an Aussie couple who were still recovering from a 15hour ayahuasca trip....did it with a local shaman in attendance, said it was mental/unbelievable but at first was horrendous (the guy of the couple vomited around 25 times while the drug was taking hold).


{Ed033's Note - I don't think you can call it a traditional holiday experience based on other people's accounts

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Vomiting 25 times is still traditional on some holidays

{Ed033's Note - Touché

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I think I have seen this on taken on a tv series where in America or south America they have an institute setup where people with abusive backgrounds go to take this drug and face their demons.
It looks pretty horrific the Vomiting is seen as a form of body cleansing then they slip into a hallucinogenic state.I dont see how its anything to do with a conspiracy more just a ritual used to become more spiritually in tune with yourself.
I think its produced from the bark of a local tree that they boil for days before ingesting.

Kopping a feel

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09 Aug 2012 14:46:15
Hi ed, 1st time poster, love the site

Any new info on the secret base at Dulce Mesa?

{Ed033's Note - The latest in depth info appears to have come out by a researcher called Anthony F. Sanchez in his book UFO Highway. He has also been on various american alternative radio programs. You could type his name into the youtube search bar

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Heard a project Camelot interview with Anthony F. Sanchez he got very ill after touching a metal object on archuleta mesa if i can remember,dulce is a very interesting and strange place after phil Schneider claimed there was a underground fire fight between aliens and CIA/green beret/swat.even without Schneider claims archuleta mesa is a very mystical place for the Indian Reservation who have claimed ufo crafts have been seen for thousands of years, i have watched/read/listened a lot about dulce and think there is more going on there than anywhere else in the USA , i am sceptical about some of Schneiders claims but he undoubtedly he was a expert in tunnelling and hes German farther opens another can of worms i wont go in to,if you like this site google dulce.

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09 Aug 2012 01:55:16
i was wondering if anyone has any conspiracys within religion worth looking into? apart from the obvious ones thanks alot


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The catholic church financed William of orange to invade Ireland

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Can see that

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Can u elaborate on that please, why they would have etc ?

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Maybe just the fact that modern establishments of religion go against the majority of therir teaching, are so hypocritical and just pick and choose when they follow something word for word and when not to.

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