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09 Aug 2013 15:20:37
Hey guys, here's another link that is really well sourced. It's about the history of money and how we have come to be controlled by it. Very interesting, especially if you're new to the site. I think most of the regulars will know about it but it's still really informative none the less.

Have a good weekend!


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09 Aug 2013 08:36:02

Interesting article about the cures for cancer and how the cures will never be made public because the treatments for cancer (radio/chemotherapy) generate so much money for those who supply them.

what do you think of cancer? I've heard that it is a way to control the population. Any truth in is?


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Hey Ken, great link. I have never thought of cancer as a way of controlling population as I always felt that it, in some cases can last a very long time and sometimes be stemmed and beaten, but I have noticed recently that their seems to much more aggressive cancers out there that are taking people very quickly (Couple of months in a friend’s father recently)

I read a while ago that a very high percentages of doctors you are diagnosed with cancer refuse the usual treatment. chemotherapy. I do believe that there is a cure out there but it’s not profitable for the pharmaceutical companies or not as profitable as the treatments.

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I do believe there is a natural mineral on mother earth that can cure or prevent many diseases including cancer but 99% of us are not told because of our status, now you have to ask yourself why is it really important people never get it?and I do not mean anyone from the entertainment industry, when was the last time royalty or top top politicians who make decisions that change the world get it?
my feelings are pharmaceutical medicines lower our immune system which makes it easy to catch anything and increase us getting cancer, I have stopped taking any prescribed or normal painkiller for years and rode with any pain I got, now I have starting taking natural foods and minerals as a supplement for instance cod liver oil/broccoli etc etc and I have a opinion that foods that are good for you are purposely expensive like fresh fruit in fact anything fresh, they want you to buy frozen or with fake chemicals and preservatives in it, somehow I can not see prince charles saying to camilla "you know what love?put me a tesco chicken korma in the microwave "anyways guys off for another weekend break mate just bought a caravan so going to recharge the batteries for the footy season and this site, adios amigos.

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09 Aug 2013 12:39:18
Garbo, cancer is a terminal disease, what would you consider population control, a bullet to the head? I can kinda see your point. but come on.
There is most certainly a drive to normalise diseases such as cancer, and dementia aswell. pea

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New treatment in USA, photon beam that targets cancerous growth & doesn't damage surrounding tissue, remember reading about this few years ago, we have been getting poisoned for years by all the additives in everything we eat, drink & breathe.

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Saw a funny advert recently that said "try organic food, or as your grandparents used to call it. Food"

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I don't think cancer is a way of controlling the population, maybe the disease is a result of controlling measures put in place or maybe its just a genetic flaw & it is basically rammed down your throat by every single media outlet going.

dont eat this, don't drink that, don't smoke but we all know or hear about human beings that eat healthy, don't drink, don't smoke & do succumb to this disease, so who knows.

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I'm sure I read a while back that a doctor in Guantanamo was curing people of cancer through blue scorpion venom! But then the U.S government closed the facility he was working in! There are survivors of cancer that have come forward as proof that it worked! So to the unarmed poster Garbo could be right! Why shut down somewhere that is curing people of cancer?

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Hey Pea. To answer your question. Yes I do consider a bullet to the head population control. Quite a good one as well ;) Peace. garbo

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I beleive human beings can cure themselves of anything just by the power of thought. There is a good youtube clip that describes it better. Tests ave already been done that are obviously being kept quiet where 3 doctors look at a woman and picture a healthy woman and they cure the cancer she had, it sounds stupid the way I explain it but, you have to think what the body actually is. Its just millions of atoms that are made up of 80% nothing that can form basically anything. Ill try to find the link.

Might be that 1.

Geordie Al

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{Ed033's Note - Sounds like you mean Qigong (spelling) Treatment

10 Aug 2013 11:19:23
Right on, Garbo! That works aswell. Blessed English; the Universal Language of Ambiguity; "His Master's Peace". Didn't mean to sound rude. pea

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"Its just millions of atoms that are made up of 80% nothing that can form basically anything"
This is important symbolically for TPTB, this is the 'emptiness', the 'ku', and can be linked to many things, such as your body being a 'house'. A 'free-house', a 'wine-house', that's the spirit, from a free ka to a merry ka. Bottoms up! pea

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