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09 Dec 2011 23:44:09
Anyone know about the ten South African nuclear missiles that went missing?

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I read or heard somewhere that South Africa were running illegal nuclear missile tests with Israel in the Indian ocean so seeing as they are involved with that crowd they probably sold them to some terrorist group!!

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Missing.......I wasn't aware that south Africa was a nuclear armed state?

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They did have a weapons program becuase they were scared because they were so isolated in the world due to their rascist policies. But they were all disposed of when mandela was freed. Supoosedly. Maybe they could ahve found there way to Israel or elsewhere. But i doubt terrorists. Mandela was released 20 years ago. Terrorists would have used one by now if they had had them for that long.

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09 Dec 2011 15:55:17
hey ed,whos next to get bombed...syria or iran? {Ed001's Note - you will have us running a sweep at this rate!}

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{Ed033's Note - Allegedly they want to get regime change in Syria first.}

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Put me down for a tenner on Syria, i'm good for it.

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Im good for that bet as well, onto a winner.


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Put me down for a tenner each way.... HERBIE

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I'll take that to. Azza

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I reckon Israel vs Lebanon and a coalition vs Syria almost simultaneously. Then the pieces will be in place for the big one.


ps. Keep an eye on India vs Pakistan as well

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Didn't Gaza just get bombed recently by Israel?
Sick of watching all this unfold, the stuff we all know is going to happen happens, but it doesn't really seem like there's anything that can be done about it. It's sad as we all watch ourselves destroying eachother, with the people gaining nothing but a count of lost souls.
Maybe one day (doubt I'll see it) our world will see peace and unity. I understand it's very idealistic, bit hey, at least we can ponder!!



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Can't see India v Pakistan kicking off not with the nukes. India would be damaged but Pakistan would be wiped out.

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Iran is the only one winning at the moment. Get rid of these dictators, pave the way for fundaMENTALism purge in these countries.

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Bombing Gaza??

The poor guy just gets over his alcohol addiction and then the Isrealis do this??

Leave the guy alone!


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