Conspiracy Talk Archive February 09 2012


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09 Feb 2012 12:59:36
ED, im familiar with the likes of Sitchin, Lloyd Pye and Michael Tellinger, Can you recommend anyone else in the same field ive run out of stuff to research, cheers

{Ed033's Note - Michael Cremo (Forbidden Archaeology) and Anthony Sanchez (has human origins in his book, UFO Highway)

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09 Feb 2012 00:35:29
Great documentry about patti hearst on bbc2 i have known about the story years ago but certin facts i never had a clue about like hearst farther was like ruppet murdoch of today powerful and very rich,one of the demands was to read out e erything no censorship at all or she would be killed,every mond wed frid hearst senior had to feed the poor,loads of good stuff i won't mention deffo check it ojt on bbciplayer. Frankyscouse

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