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09 Jul 2012 12:50:20
I watched a programme last night about the illumianti...
Can anyone shed any light on them... I found some off it belivable but some off it very farfetched...
Thanks in advance rickblfc...

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{Ed033's Note - There are multiple illuminati groups and what illuminati means is 'the illumined ones' and all they're supposed to do is attempt to become illuminated/enlightened that's it. But because they have been corrupted they actually do the exact opposite of what they are supposed to do.

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They don't exist, all farfetched nonsence. {Ed001's Note - and you can prove this? Or are you just a sheep that doesn't believe they exist because you haven't seen them on the news?}

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I dislike the word illuminati or nwo and things like that. We dont need to put a label on them, the fact is the same people have been dictating over us for the last few hundred years. The way media has raced foreward lately means that exposure is out there as it never used to be but half of the stuff you see on youtube and the like is all rubbish but some of it is factual. The main big TV networks and tabloids are all owned by the same people and is as much a propaganda mouthpiece today as it allways has been. Id just call them "The elite", they are powerfull families basically who control money, media and religion. If we have to put a label on them I'd call them "The lying murdering inbred people" - You know who they are, a few weeks ago you will have seen moronic dullards waving flags in a deluded state of mind at them and repeatedly stating how they would like their imaginary friend who lives on a cloud to save and bless the rich and powerfull one. You couldn't make it up!


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"Moronic dullards" - :)
Best post I've read in a while, cheers matt


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A great book to read is Bloodlines of the illuminati by Fritz springmeier.

After he wrote this he was set up and sent to prision for over 10 years.

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I think alot of people have the misconception of the Illuminate from Angels in demon even though Galileo was long since in the grave before it was founded.

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09 Jul 2012 03:51:05
Hello recently discovered the deepweb, which i never knew existed at all. Was wondering what experience you have with it and is there any information regarding ufos or illuminati/mind control stuff on there? Thanks

{Ed033's Note - The deep web is the part of the www that is not indexed by the standard search engines and is much larger than the surface webthat is indexed by search engines

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Never knew about it myself, any ideas what sort of things you can search for?

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I typed it in and it came up straight away about it on wikipedia, therefore, it is 100% being monitored by the guys that know that we know, that they know etc......


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Yes but alot of stuff does go on, on there. To use it you need an anonymous browser, i read somewhere there are diferent "levels" to it whatever that means, lots of hackers and international crim organisations use it aswell as the governments im sure

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This is the most interesting post i have ever come across on this site, if you google dark web on youtube it will show you how to get on it, its like a black market that sells absotlutely everything,

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