Conspiracy Talk Archive June 09 2012


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09 jun 2012 15:39:38
can humans alter probability through thoughts alone??

Are you referring to the dan brown novel (cant recoil the name) were positive thinking and belief of something alters the end result ?

The presence of any observer alters the result

{Ed006's Note - The Secret?}

"The presence of any observer alters the result"

So this theory can never be proven or disproven then?
How convenient! {Ed001's Note - doesn't mean it couldn't be true!}

My point exactly. As it can never be disproven it can be used by bogus "New Age" gurus to sell products or get people to ascribe to their point of view.
If their is zero evidence of something we surely must reason that it does not exist/has no effect.
Otherwise we are simply making a leap of blind faith like all religious believers. {Ed001's Note - what are you talking about? It is a scientific theory, put forward by scientists, not 'bogus New Age gurus', whatever they are! It has been around for a long time, try doing some research before dismissing something as bogus. What happened to keeping an open mind and doing your own research, so that you can make up your own mind? Instead you are just glibly dismissing something, with absolutely no idea what it even is!}

The presence of any observer alters the result......Ed006 not the Secret, its physics..quantum theory... or is that the secret?
Regards, great site btw {Ed001's Note - I think 006 was talking about the book.}