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09 Jun 2013 14:44:43
Ben fellows at bilderberg telling everyone he aim to take Tory mp Kenneth Clark to court, hopefully this will go viral, if you have twitter or facebook accounts post this video on it, because if we don't we will be all like the sheep that we criticize on here who do nothing.

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Did anyone see Alex Jones on the Sunday Politics Show, he lost it a bit and that slimey cretin Andrew Neil said he was the worst guest he had ever interviewed. Its on tv website.

Red Daz

{Ed033's Note - This is the 2nd time Jones has erupted over the top. It's weird that he would do it a second time (and I don't like saying this but) unless he's supposed to.

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I've had my doubts about Jones for a while now ed. At the very least, although he seems to believe in everything he says, he is a little too extremist and forceful of his views.
This is the second time he has been on national tv and blown his top when others disagree. Akin to a child throwing their dummy out of the pram.
He needs to be more respectful to others, a debate can only take place with civil conversation. Shouting and trying to drown out other people just makes him look childish and will not help his cause move to mainstream media (if there was ever a chance)
Unless, as ed033 points out, he is achieving his goals with such actions

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@Red Daz and Ed033, maybe its a case of the controlled mainstream media mocking the controlled alternative media?


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Sorry edd have to disagree, Jones knows the script he will get at best a 5 minute slot in those 5 minutes people like Morgan and Neil will try their best to butt in or talk over with sarcasm, and I think Jones thinks it is best to get as much info out in that time frame, one thing you have to admit is that your average Joe who never takes any notice of politics would notice Jones. Andrew Neil is from the same slimy mold as piers Morgan, funny enough yesterday I seen another interview with him and tony gosling about the bilderberg meeting and Neil was acting like a drama queen mocking goslings beliefs and trying to antagonizing him, in short if this was a hour slot interview I think you would see a very different Alex Jones were he could get his points across, never going to happen in 5 minutes, as for the Jones debate in general he is always going to be like mar-mite and edd I am not sure if you think he could be like a double agent as such? here is another neil chat to gosling a
bout bilderberg.

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Anyone considered the theory that the reason that the legendary Alex Jones 'erupts' is because he is so passionate in his beliefs and, when under pressure, he 'blows top' because he feels that is the ONLY way he can get his facts/statements into the mainstream press, which unfortunately at this moment in time has a much greater audience, without being cut off or laughed at. However, if he conducted him self in much civil manner, like his fellow compatriot Jessie Ventura, whilst on TV he may find this a much better way to communicate. Obviously the way he currently conducts himself does work, as he has connections deep with in Washington, Parliament and British security services, but I feel the would benefit from taking a much more calmer stance whilst being 'interviewed'. He also needs to work on his British accent. It sucks and he just makes a mockery of him self :P


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I think that the way in which he exploded only helps to get it viral and get people talking. If he was clam and had a debate, people wouldn't be talking about him like we are now! I also think that had he not blown up then he would just be talked down to and talked to like he's a complete loop. He wouldn't be able to get his points across without being belittled.

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Re: Alex Jones

I often listen to his show live on radio and he does the very same thing. It does piss me off as I think he could do without the shouting and screaming. I've come to accept that this is his way of expressing what really annoys him and what people should know more about. He does make me wonder at times whether he is actually doing any good or is his whole shouty persona an act to turn people off the issues.

Captain Needa

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Hey Gracey_nffc - Nice to see a fellow Forest fan on here. I agree totally with what you're saying there about him losing it. The problem is, he does himself no favours by not controlling his actions. He loses credability when he acts like a spoilt child. I'm almost getting to the stage, like Ed 033, where I'm thinking he's actually part of the issue rather than part of the solution. Designed to make the self proclaimed conspiracy theorists look crackpot and deluded. To discredit them for their beliefs by forcing the mainstream to portray them as radical egotists who cannot get their own views across without resorting to childish tantrums. I respect the message he's trying to put across, but not the means in which he's trying to acheive it. He needs to grow up a little.

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I don't blame Alex for erupting! To be honest when I've had conversations about my beliefs to people they mock without even researching the subject in question. Alex obviously researches everything he says where the people who mock him and make him erupt know basically what they've been told! I don't like Alex as a person I think the fame has gone to his head a bit too much but like Franky says at least he's getting the idea out there that the world government could be corrupt and decisions being made based on what it would do for the individual or company involved!


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I don't think there's anything wrong with Andrew Neil, quite like him. He was ok when talking about the bilderberg group and didn't make any snide comments like he did with jones. but jones was asking for it, like many have mentioned, he should have learned his lesson!
its quite sad really because I used to like jones, and some of the stuff he brings up is very interesting, but when he's like that, it discredits everything he is about! i'm almost glad (cant believe i'm saying this myself btw) he was like that again, as less people will take him seriously.



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One thing I will all agree with you is jones is brash and continuously plugs his web site and does love the limelight were he will get a person to interview but will give his views and not listen to other peoples thoughts or beliefs but for all his faults I definitely think he gets people more aware by his antics.

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Weird thing is, I listened to Jones on coast to coast last night, he was calm and to the point, quite articulate, a little egotistically but didn’t lose his head. Gives me the impression that they guys just doesn’t know how to debate. He does himself no favors’ losing the rag as he does, it was the same on pearce morgans show.


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09 Jun 2013 12:03:29
Are there any views on the bilderburg conference and is David Cameron going to address it


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Judging what happened on question time I doubt it.

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This must be the biggest cover up this year. many giant industries, govt powers were there. I drove past it the other day, police everwhere.

whilst WE are complaining about the tax that amazon and google arn't paying, they are larging it up with both the tories, liberals and labour plus all the super powers.
Thhis is where the world policies are made and not at any G8 or euro meeting.
it was hardly mentioned in any press or radio or TV.

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Do you think these guys can manipulate world policy like start a war if it means thaty can make money from it reminds me of the film with warren beatty in can't think of the name thou the one were he sees the politician get shot then starts to investigate and ends up being hunted himself

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09 Jun 2013 11:07:54
Anyone any thoughts on the g8 being held in northern Ireland?

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Yeah g8 people should leave us alone, bunch of control freaks.

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09 Jun 2013 01:41:06
Aliens?. UFOs?. water underground on Mars.

Peoples thoughts?


{Ed033's Note - From the pictures, it looks like on certain areas of mars there is liquid water

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Mars is not as unhabitable as people would have you believe, NASA pictures are doctored, the sky is blue not red and there is evidence of water under the surface and frozen ice caps. It has certainly lived on in the past, and Mars 25 hour day and our human 25 hour circadian rhythm would suggest a link

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There is actually a theory out there that humans once lived on mars but it become inhabitable, that’s why we moved to earth.

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