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09 Mar 2013 21:25:25
I've recently went back to university, studying sociology with criminology. I was wondering about using the secrets of what happened on 9/11 in my assignment on 'Power'. I don't want to be ridiculed or labeled a 'conspiracy nut', we're told only to use academic sources and material. I know a lot of the stuff online is constantly discredited but I've started to watch this lengthy documentary and it's carried out by very upstanding members of American society, does anyone here think it would be advisable to use this source?

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Maybe talk about the 3rd tower block that caught fire then collapsed? The first ever recorded steel and cement structure to do so? {Ed001's Note - also how the design of all skyscrapers in the city were purposely designed to withstand plane strikes, following one hitting the Empire State Building.}

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I'm sure 1 of the eds has put links upto a couple of books on the subject before.

i'd probably avoid anything net based but if its in print by any certified academic then they can't really complain.

{Ed033's Note - If the university tutor recognises the source as academic, you can use it.

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Thanks folks, I think I'll use the stuff were engineers, college professors, and ex government members have commented. I might just talk about certain questions being covered up by the powers that be, rather than calling it an all out lie.

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09 Mar 2013 17:22:02
{Ed033's Note - larken rose - I'm allowed to rob you!

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Ed or anyone would it be possible to challenge taxation etc legally or would the legal system back up the taxation even if you managed to prove that the laws were not legitimate and have no true source

{Ed033's Note - You can't legally challenge taxation, because in the legal jurisdiction you are taxable. However, in the lawful jurisdiction, you're non-taxable, unless you consent to it or contract with them. Watch the entire below presentation for more info.

Dean C. Clifford - Both Sides of The Story... Part 1

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