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09 Nov 2012 14:57:18
Another one for anyone willing to read lol. i recently started noticing the clothes my misses and her sister and most other young woman in my area have upside down crosses on them ? this takes me back to music videos lady gaga etc i know this in known as the cross of peter but isnt it setanic i cant understand why they would have them all over womans tops its just weird anyone have an opinion on this? cheers

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Yeah isn't that called cross dressing ;)


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Religion is all a b ig con. Man made religion, none follow the book they look to. Well maybe one or two, but they are extremely small churches.

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09 Nov 2012 14:23:19
Anyone else think taht this super storm's timing was very coincidental - what with the elections and enabling Obama to 'sort' the mess out and win votes.....HAARP surely in use here, Romney must be really disliked by the powers that be - if this is the case

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Wouldn't it be a lot easier to just rig the votes?!


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It was ;)

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So I just watched.... Cartman ;)


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09 Nov 2012 14:10:20
Hello all, has anyone seen anything about the huge sinkhole in louisianna and all the tremors up the west caost of america? or the earthquaqe that hit guatemala ive seen nothing about these on british news i was reading up about the sinkhole looks as if this could cause a major catastrophe if not sorted out soon its been going on a month now i think large levels of methane in the water a resident that lives near the sinkhole can even light his tap water on fire! can enyone shed enymore light on this there is word going about of something happening soon with a big earthquake. i know this is a long post but does enyone have any information about these thanks everyone all replys appreciated.


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{Ed033's Note - Huge sinkhole in Louisiana with butane gas bubbling up

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09 Nov 2012 08:34:40
i stumbled on a different type of 9/11 documentary , charlie sheen a A list actor publicly voiced his concerns on what happened that day and narrates the documentary that has famous people that believe its a inside job,the weird thing about it once he voiced hes concerns publicly he soon got sacked from a grammy award TV sitcom and hugely popular comedy show called "Two and a Half Men" over in quote "controversy over his behavior" this is the same guy they hired who has a well known drink and drug problem,plus had a gun pointed to hes a ex wife and yet they hired him? i think you get the picture guys.anyway have a look on YouTube its called 9/11 TRUTH: Hollywood Speaks Out.

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Just watch the 911 truth film the best 1 I have seen since loose change. I am always interested in docs bout 911 so if any1 has links 2 other 1s as good as this wud be much app. The amount off evidence seems 2 be really starting 2 built up now hopefully the truth will be out soon. How many people is it going 2 take for a full new investigation 2 happen. When is more people going 2 start having a more open mind bout 911 and the wars it's caused. X

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09 Nov 2012 03:21:07
Either David Icke is a nut job or this world is a lot more f###ed up than I thought it was and I don't have a high opinion of it to start with! Even if fraction of what he is saying is true it's mind blowing


{Ed033's Note - In my opinion David Icke is not a nut job. All anyone has to do is type david icke into youtube and watch any interview with him to hear what he has to say. But to know exactly where he is coming from someone would actually have to watch this 7 hour presentation by him in 2010. This is his conclusions about what is/has been going on up until 2010 -

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Agree with u edd,when he left the bbc i think 99 per cent of us thought he lost the plot including me but as time as moved on what he is saying and wrote is starting to make sence. funny enough i told my mother laws feller(who is still in the Freemasons) to read what he wrote about jimmy savile and the cesspit,he rang me yesterday when he read it,he said it was thought provoking but he said he did not believe it based on the wiki check he did on icke were it mentioned lizards and channeling to a higher being like god then he named famous people as lizards like blair,obalma etc etc like i told my sort of farther in law,i do not believe everything icke writes but stuff like the the banks/false flag and the savile pedo ring he wrote about many years ago has been on the money.

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