Conspiracy Talk Archive November 09 2013


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09 Nov 2013 14:37:47
So Joseph Stiglitz says that Irelands lack of protest against the parasites in the banks and government is because "It's almost as if you sinned so badly, you have to feel the pain to get redemption" well I didn't realise the bankers felt this way, I suppose their massive bonuses on top of their massive wages cover for that, cause we people did not cause this.

To be fair BigRed, he was talking about what he felt the ECB and the EC thought of Ireland, when he said that. He did say he was surprised the Irish people didn't protest for bailing out the Banks and their bond holders.

Captain Needa

He also said recently that Irish citizens are not so much bailing out the Irish economy, they are bailing out foreign bondholders.

Well ok Joseph that is perfectly true, but it is also common knowledge in Ireland, much like most of the soundbites we hear from you.

Don't forget who he is a guest of. The Clinton Institute.

The bondholders were happy to make obscene amounts of money in the good times, but when Anglo failed the then Irish government rolled over pathetically and guaranteed the bonds. It was pathetic and hugely embarrassing for Irish people to witness the capitulation of Cowen & co.

So when the bondholders are making billions for themselves we're all capitalists, but if things go wrong socialism will cover their losses.

Pass me the sick bag.


Ryan, do you not think he has a point about the Irish peoples lack of protest? I agree wholeheartedly that we have been completely screwed when it comes to the Banks and Bondholders. Not for the first time in Ireland the ordinary people suffer because of the cowardice of our politicians. This country continuously elects people, not on their merits, but because of their family ties to previous gobs****s. This is one of the reasons we suffer from lack of leadership. Why would any of them upset the apple cart when the whole political system in Ireland, is based on a form of nepotism.

Captain Needa

Yes Captain Needa. Stiglitz is right about the lack of protest but I've heard lots of people say that. He's great at noticing what has already happened. I couldn't care tuppence if he is a Nobel prize winner. He is boring and always telling us what he thinks of yesterdays news. He offers no great insight going forward.

He is only getting airtime and media attention because his visit is sponsored.

He is essentially a historian.