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09 Oct 2011 20:04:16
I urge everybody to watch Megiddo. You can get it off the torrent sites. It comes in two parts and is very informative. It is from a Christian perspective and explains their take on the world from beginning to end. If anyone here is serious about finding truth i suggest they give it a look. I've researched conspiracies for over ten years and it fits in with that research very well.

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"Christian" and "finding the truth" in the same post ?

Look at the teachings of christianity . 8000yr old planet , a virgin that gives birth , Noah . You cannot get further from the truth .

Please folks , The bible is a 3rd rate , bronze age myth , written by semi literate tribesmen .

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Please folks , The bible is a 3rd rate , bronze age myth , written by semi literate tribesmen .

This is a conspiracies website. I believe there is a conspiracy that's been perfectly executed and it spurpose and end product is to make you think exactly what you just wrote here.

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I dont think the bible texts are written by semi literate tribesmen ,whatever it all means , it is well put together and interesting , from the bloodline thing to god and the devil , the real question is who is the bad guy , look in to it and ask how many people does god kill and how many ,-the devil , and how can a all loving god send children into never ending torment to burn , theres something very evil about that dont you think..........lfc

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Perfectly executed conspiracy ?

Do explain , in your words , not a link to someone elses


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Christianity and the bible are not the way to the truth...There was a small story in the 1st palm and it said something along the lines of A man, his daugher and the males friend where having dinner when a group of men burst into his home and wanted to have sex with the mans friend, so he casually said please dont sleep with my friend have my daughter instead...NICE Parent of the year award Thats why there has been a lot of changes in the bible to role with the times it's all rubbish

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Jim 88 look into the Illuminati (yawn) and what their 3 main aims are... one of them is to create a fathless / atheist society - they arguably did this by creating religions that are BS e.g. Christianity (the old testament for example tells of how women can be abused). Also the bible, especially Old Testament, is basically a metaphorical version of supposed historical events e.g. Sumeria. Whichever way you look at it, the creation of different 'types' of religion instantly resulted in the discrediting of one by the others and vice versa.

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Thats the story of Lot from the book of Genesis leading up to the destruction of Sodom and Gamorrah. Old Testament not New and not the Psalms.

No i am not a Chrsitian, certainly not a practising one. Yes i had it kicked into me in primary school.

I just find it handier to know such things so to keep an open mind and see what fits in elsewhere.

The Old Testament is a carefully coded history of the world. The New Testamwnt is a carefully coded book of philiosophy. The problems largely lie in mistranslation and the fact that too many poeple take it far too literally. Read between the lines.

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There you go again . Unless you are "Illuminati" you are just spouting regurgitated pish you've seen and heard on youtube . Ive seen them too , they are all smoke and mirrors , try watching them with an open mind .

Religion has been used to subdue the ignorant and those frightened of dying for centuries . Why then get rid of it ?
The Vatican is one of the richest organisations on the planet . Do you think they will go quietly ?

If you want to educate yourself on the shadowy side of everything , buy or borrow a book called " The synagogue of satan " . That WILL open your eyes


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"Unless you are "Illuminati" you are just spouting regurgitated pish you've seen and heard on youtube"

Sorry who was this aimed at?

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The post that begins "jim 88"


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Sorry, Jimi88,

"Religion has been used to subdue the ignorant and those frightened of dying for centuries . Why then get rid of it ?
The Vatican is one of the richest organisations on the planet . Do you think they will go quietly ?" - who said they were getting rid of it? I certainly didn't. I was the one that told you to go look into their main aims - I didn't say getting rid of religion was one of them, I said creating a faithless society was one. There is a significant difference. The mere presence of more than one religion has resulted in the sowing of the seed that needs proof in order to grow so to speak. In other words, just so we're clear, the Illuminati are behind the formation of every monotheistic religion in the world, the whole point being that before religion, nobody questioned God, creation, etc, now though - well which religion is right? Have you never considered why multiple-god religions have never been involved with terrorism, mass murder, war, never. The whole point is to get the sheeple to believe, through science, multi-religion and disaster, that there is no God after all... then along comes whoever is set to rule from Israel. So it would be nice if you thought about what I said before saying I am just regurgitating pish from youtube.


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there is confusion here

My reply was directed at the poster who intimated a " faithless atheist society " . Was that you?


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Yes mate. Maybe you mistook what I was saying so I elaborated above.

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I didnt mistake what you were saying . You said look at the illuminati plan for faithless atheist society . Unless you are illuminati you couldnt know that . If you are not illuminati then you are regurgitating pish you have heard / seen / read from someone else.

The world has a small group of very very powerful people . If these illuminati stories were true they would ban there appearence in the media . They are not , so any man and his dog can cobble together any old s**t and stick the video in the public domain . People who are into conspiracies seem to all too easily choose to look at things in a blinkered fashion . If you think there is a small cabal of elitists running the show , try looking at banking families .


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Again mate I feel you are maybe missing something, or seeing something...backwards, so to speak. Why would the people who will be taking over the world, running the NWO etc, want us to hate them, fear them, or not know about them? They wouldn't. It isn't in their interests to be unknown, only elitist.

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ALso the banking families are all direct descendants of those who founded the Illuminati mate, or what preceded it...

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09 Oct 2011 17:24:05
Noreaga-The Arrivals.this will blow ur mind!

Watched most of them, they are very good but not for everyone. The only reason is that they are based on religion. But are very good. There is alot of stuff in the vids that also relates to Christianity. Islam and Christianity have alot in common so if you have faith then they are fantastic. I have a lot of muslim friends and they suggested watching them. I do admire how the Islamic faith has portrayed the events of nowadays and how most of the Moderate Muslims have a firm belief.


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Got it on DVD mate :-)

I am not religious but I absolutely loved the Arrivals. Noreaga has since decided his work is done and is no longer a film maker. Maybe he feared for his life! But honestly you do not have to be religious to understand the point being made. Not for everyone but I loved it surprisingly.

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09 Oct 2011 10:43:24
how can anyone take david icke seriously? I mean lizard people. He's watched v too many times.

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Why do people always bang on about the lizard thing with Icke? If you can't get your head around it fair enough, but the guy has a lot to say on a lot of other issues and has had a great deal of success in telling of the things to come since becoming a "nutter" as someone mentioned in an earlier post.


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Just like coffee Icke is not for everyone

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Why is Icke's success in foretelling the future?

What has he told that no one else knew about?

I don't know what his credits are but I would like to know.


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He's come out with some good stuff, but i think the lizard thing seriously damaged him as people find it easier to dismiss him as a crackpot.

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If there are lizzards

What is their purpose?

Why are they remaining out of sight?

When are they going to take over assuming thats their goal

I have an open mind on ET's however most of the so called proof is very, very soft

A youtube video means absolutely nothing

I could make a you tube video saying I am jack the ripper incarnate, some may believe but the majority would not, so what would a youtube video prove?

Not saying Icke is a crackpot but many crackpots make youtube videos and have websites.

There are plenty of satanic websites, vampire websites, etc. but what does that prove?

How many of these webstes were actually developed by Satan or Dracula?

Wistful {Ed033's Note - If people really want to know what David Icke is really saying then why not read 1 or more of his books or type "David Icke" into youtube.}

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I have looked at D. Ickes Website and have read it.

I don't believe youtube videos which I stated in the above post

Buying one of his books that an idea?


Wistful {Ed033's Note - You don't have to buy books as you can go into your local library and reserve a david icke book. There are david icke presentations on dvd to buy or on youtube.}

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Ed33 how much of David Icke do you personally believe? Whats your stance? {Ed033's Note - I probably agree with 95% with what david icke has said over the years. This latest moon theory david has come out with is possible I think but it would be nice to have more evidence (short interview with David Icke talking about the moon - But as with a lot of people the reptile like entities that possess royalty bloodline people because it is easier for these entities to possess this bloodline is a little harder to swallow but possible as these rituals the royalty bloodline people take part in probably open them up to possession by other entities. Obviously the hardest thing to agree on is when David Icke has talked about royalty bloodline people shape-shifting. It appears that david believes this because so many people have talked to him about seeing royalty bloodline people shape-shift into reptile entities at rituals.}

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