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09 Oct 2012 12:03:47
Time travel has interested me for a while now. just wondered everyones views on the photographs, film and strange artefacts and fossils that have emerged?

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Like what? Some clip from a Charlie Chaplin film allegedly showing an old woman using a mobile? Or the film allegedly showing a school girl with an apple product in the 50s or something?


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We discussed all of this next tuesday, if I remember correctly!


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Where can I see these clips?

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Obviously not a mob phone but defo taking into something at the c/chaplin film premiere. just making the point how interesting it is, not to you obviously Gbgb

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It was interesting to me, then it was revealed it was most likely to be a hearing device.

Gbgb {Ed001's Note - if it was a mobile phone I would just wonder how the hell they got reception!}

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Has any1 ed or posters got a link to see the girl with the apple product. Thanks

KopEndDannyLFC {Ed001's Note - I have no idea what that reference is to, I have never heard of that.}

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Yes, the people that say it was a mobile always amused me as a reception would have been hard to come by! and here is a link to the girl with the apple product


{Ed033's Note - The girl is holding a book not an apple product


The answer to the Charlie Chaplin cell phone time traveler video is not a cell phone but a Siemens 1924 Hearing Aid

Siemens 1924 hearing aid is the charlie chaplin cell phone time traveler device

Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler Caught on Film 1928

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Exactly, both videos have perfectly sane answers to the questions raised. Some ppl look too much into things at times.


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09 Oct 2012 06:49:22
Not a conspiracy, but can anyone shed any light on why after 1 crash- (caused by debris on the runway I think,) was the concorde taken out of service?
This was one of man's greatest ever creation's and it just stopped. Not even an attempt to improve it.
Watched the documentary about the Air France crash, the Rio-Paris flight on C4, and now they are doing a documentary about a controlled plane crash.
Why all the sudden plane crash interest?
And, lastly, Looking at the advert for this controlled crash, looks like it does not really show a realistic crash situation as the landing gear is down and crashes in to the thick desert.

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You're right about the concord bit. Fantastic piece of kit and a big loss to aviation. But the other topic, what you're saying is to recreate a real life crash situation, they should actually crash, not in the desert but in a built up area. The reason they don't actually crash and do a fake crash in the desert is because they don't want people to be killed or waste on a smashing a plane to pieces.

Aaron {Ed001's Note - and money is the be all and end all, hence why Concorde was scrapped. It lost money and the crash was more of a convenient excuse to give up on it without upsetting customers, than a genuine reason to scrap it.}

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The chance presented itself and they took the easy option. Why am I not surprised


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