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09 Oct 2013 23:44:52
Free energy doesn't necessarily mean the "elite" lose out, they could still charge is for it, just charge us a lot less than we're currently paying.

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{Ed001's Note - plus it would lower their costs in producing it, resulting in higher profit margins. The issue is in stopping the ordinary guy in the street being able to replicate the production, in my opinion.}

Would it of been possible for Henry ford or an oil company to have got the Patent for a particular energy and locked it away in a vault? Rendering it useless?


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{Ed001's Note - yes, and almost certainly it has happened over the years.}

Not quite free energy a la Tesla, but has anyone seen the documentary 'Who Killed The Electric Car'? It's a brilliant documentary narrated by Martin Sheen, about GM's production of an electric car that was so good that they recalled every one and destroyed them due to massive political pressure.

Interestingly, I can't access it on youtube any more. Ah yes, no censorship on the internet. Anyway it's on here for now Hope that's ok eds. If you can't post the link, it's also available on various documentary sites. Watch the documentary before they destroy that too.

Supasub they've been burying any technology that will reduce our dependency on them for years.


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I agree Ryan, would be nice to see some of it in our lifetime though.


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I know someone who invented a car that ran on sea water got bought out by the Government. Also a man who comes into my Work invented a system to provide himself free Heating from ordinary copper plumbing fittings not exactly sure how but it worked & he's been trying to get investment for it for a long time now but has unfortunately took Alzheimer's & gave up. Ordinary people can do it.

Rise & Shine

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09 Oct 2013 23:39:03
check this out guys, an Oliver Stone documentary about in my opinion the greatest leader in modern times, the former Venezuela leader, Hugo Chavez and the demonetization by the media and George bush.

on this site the question has always been asked, "what can we do?, we are powerless against the elite". if you watch this it will show how south america now has fought back, just watch this when you get time and see what can be achieved.

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Good post Franky. I've done some research in the past on Chavez but not much.

He seemed like a man who cared for his people and his country. Sadly good men in power don't last that long, especially when oil is involved.

I absolutely dispise the American government and the British government. Snakes!

Geordie Al

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Geordie Chavez was a man of the people who would have died for his principles, how many politicians can you say would do that?he has influenced the whole of south america that they are not reliant on corporations and banking loans, I think we as people can learn from south america and the legacy of the great Hugo Chavez.

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I agree Franky, The banks own our Government. What did 1 of the Rothschild's say?

Rothschild Brothers of London, 1863. "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws.

Geordie Al

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09 Oct 2013 21:43:53
Ok editorand other regulors, tell me some reasons why a plane could not do the damage to a building, have you ever see. A plane hit a building before? No so you wouldn't know, metal warps at heat, the fuel burned and it was closed in which means a rise in temperature, enough for the steel to fall and collapse. Prove me otherwise! Your just a dumb American not believing someone would do this to your country, well it happened, get on with it!


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{Ed001's Note - for starters I am British, for second I am not dumb enough to believe your idiotic assertion about the closed in rise in temperature. I have actually seen the footage of the Empire State Building, following being hit by a plane, which clearly shows how little damage was suffered by a building that hadn't even been designed to cope with a plane hit. Have you ever done any research into the damage that was done there? Have you ever looked into that at all? Or are you so busy accusing others of being stupid that you have failed to engage your brain before typing abuse? Perhaps you should take some time and do research into it, you might learn something. I guess it is far easier to be a troll firing off insults while hiding behind your keyboard. Unless you have something intelligent to add to a conversation, don't bother typing again, as you will just get your posts deleted.}

Kev it is called conspiracy. co. uk erm american? I could go on but like me mum once said to me "IF YOU DON'T HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY DON'T SAY ANYTHING!"

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Fire needs oxygen to burn, so being closed in would mean less oxygen. ?

could be wrong.

(I'm British/English)

Oh yeah, explain building seven.

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Kev I think one of them flew over the cuckoos nest :o


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Alamost Every country has done attacks on their own country before. Its to change public opinion/bring in new laws etc etc. Oh and i'm from newcastle, england.


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09 Oct 2013 11:10:38
i would like to know everyone's opinion on this subject including all the edds, I think we all agree there is free energy and admitting it would be dangerous for the powerful oil cartel all over the world, my question is why has not Cuba used patterns or declared they are using free energy?are they getting signing their death warrant from the west including Russia if they admit it? I am really stumped on countries that despise the west, instead of looking for nuclear power tell the world you have found free power?

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Cuba is/was very secretive or could be money keeping them quiet

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09 Oct 2013 13:47:27
Could there be a bigger picture than East vs West, much the same as the left wing vs right wing dramatisation of politics? pea

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It has to be bigger than east v west pea, we know north Korea hate the west values add Venezuela and Cuba so why not suddenly declare they have found free energy? something as good as free energy could cause anarchy for all leaders who want control and there is a pact between enemies?

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09 Oct 2013 21:53:25
Franky free energy might be free once its up and running, but I imagine r & d and installation costs would be staggering. Cuba, North Korea etc aren't exactly flush. The ones I would have expected to have put money and effort would have been red China. Russia didn't have the money until recently and that's based on the oil and gas boom so puts them in the pocket of the cartels. Mort

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Maybe so mort, it could be a Pandora's box if it is made available.

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This might be a bit far fetched, even for this site. But maybe the reason it isn't used by the country's u have mentioned is bcoz it hasn't been invented!


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It would not require large sums of money to construct a machine that releases energy from the zero-point field (aka quantum field, aka vacuum etc. ). The required materials are readily available now-a-days and so are factories that build custom parts.
Additionally, there is no shortage of documentation explaining how to go about it (see: Schauberger, Tesla, Giolvas etc. ), nor lack of a theory that would render such a concept possible and thus worthy of investigation (see: electric universe theory, quantum physics, string theory M).
I think everyone has also read/heard the stories of the existence of such technology and of it either being bought, never to be used, or violently suppressed. There are also numerous stories of governments and facilities employing such technologies, for local power production and various other ends, in secret from the public eye.

There are plenty of reasons why it would not be released for everyone to enjoy. These are some possibilities of the top of my head:
1)The technology is much easier to produce than currently expected and simply admitting its existence would set people on the path of reproducing it, eventually empowering everyone to do as they please, signalling the loss of control for those insecure enough to require it for their continuation.
2)Capitalism is all about progress. If such technology truly existed, it would have long been made public. On the same note, T&A will propel humanity to new standards, that's why you can't watch anything on a screen without plenty of it.
3)This technology has unimaginable defensive and offensive capabilities that would either a)virtually put an end to all war or b)signify our annihilation. Judging on our species maturity and not on conditioning received, I would think a) is more likely than b).
4)A galactic standard for other-world-species interaction exists that is dependent on species development. The guidelines are based on energy availability and harnessing capabilities. Since infinite energy gives rise to infinite potential, this technology being made public would signify our readiness for open contact.
5)Admitting that such technology exists would have the same effect as admitting that the universe is electromagnetic in nature. We would have to alter the way we think of our environment, ourselves, even concepts like god. The real life and, most importantly, spiritual implications would be unimaginable.

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12 Oct 2013 14:05:24
It's also notable that the paper trail of research into these areas stopped, yes came to an abrupt halt, in the 1950's. Do you think for a second that it had been taken as far as it could go? pea
P. S. Zari, what is T&A?

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Exactly pea,
The projects most likely started producing results somewhere around 1950. That's when they announced that nothing came from all the R&D and proceeded to turn them into black projects. Standard procedure.
T&A is tits and ass.

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13 Oct 2013 00:46:39
What about the idea of an Electromagnetic Toroidal Vortice? pea

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The energy conservation principle tells us that energy is neither created out of nothing, nor can it be destroyed. It is merely transformed from one state to another. For "free" energy devices to exist then, it would mean that the energy must come from somewhere. In my opinion, these devices access a currently unrecognized, higher-dimensional field of energy.
Dimensions are all about degrees of freedom. Length is one degree of freedom, width is another etc. While being in a lower dimension, things still experience their directly higher dimension (next degree of freedom) as a lower dimensional, single directional movement. Picture it as a wave that always falls before it rises. Accordingly, we experience the effects of what we choose to refer to as "time", as a linear, single directional movement.

Attempting to understand the macrocosm becomes easier by observing the microcosm. Thus the best way to understand higher dimensions, is to observe lower dimensions and the way they are perceived, from a higher dimensional point of view.
In a single dimensional reality, beings would appear to one another as points, while however being lines.
In two dimensional reality they would appear as lines, of varying configurations, while in fact being spheres. This can be mathematically proven through the use of differentials, albeit without the dimensional factor, were a circle can be seen as the sum of an "infinite" number of lines. The constant required for this effect is π.
In three dimensional reality, all varying configurations fit in spheres, as witnessed in the platonic solids of euclidean geometry and the vitruvian man. However, we are toroidal vortices, who's smallest diameter and thus higher energy concentration passes through the heart. The single, directional limitation we experience in "time" is the contraction of a sphere, a balloon loosing its air. (In pranayama, Indian breathing exercises, the goal is to get accustomed to having your lungs equilibrium as full of air, rather than empty. It's pretty interesting to try. )

As far as utilizing these principles for energy production goes, one would have to reproduce the movement taking place inside a toroidal vortex. Nature employes Φ, the golden ratio we get from the Fibonacci series, to create the fourth dimensional spiraling movement. In this way energy is released from quantum potential by transforming its fourth dimensional movement over spacetime.
Centripetal movement, doughnut shaped coils, concave coils etc. are some examples of what can be used to imitate this.
Current technology employes the exact opposite movement in explosive reactions (centrifugal movement), to release energy from matter by transforming its long "time" movement. This guarantees the requirement of old, rare and thus hard to acquire materials.
Fun fact, the Pyramids in Egypt employ both π, the three dimensional constant and Φ, the fourth dimensional one, in their design. They "happen to be" some, if not the oldest buildings still standing today.


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13 Oct 2013 16:00:17
Fascinating. What I am envisioning is that an Electromagnetic Toroidal Vortice would, by it's very nature, have 'broken-free' of the (our) bindings, so to speak, and of the rules that govern centripetal force and (our) physics in general. I'm talking about vehicles, Zari. Or 'pathways' (wormholes?), possibly. I'm talking about Transportation.
I'm trying the best with my vocabulary. Here are some pictures that got me thinking about this.

Mammals and Toroidal Vortice

and here; (4:10 for witness description, 5:00 for alleged photograph)

So many questions, so many answers. pea

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Please see my use of terms belonging to the materialistic universe theory as a reference to the effect they are attempting to explain and not to the validity

of the explanation they offer. Better stated, I should of perhaps referred to orbits while exiting a vortex for centrifugal movement and orbits while entering

one for centripetal. It was simply an easy way to infer direction.

The first link you posted at 0308 is exactly what I am talking about when using the word vortex. The point, line, sphere, vortex sequence I mentioned was to

explain why the particular shape and what path nature uses to lower the frequency of energy, making all that is possible. After all, technology can only make

use of principles exhibited by nature, so by emulating natures preferred way of moving energy up and down dimensions, one can find the most efficient way of doing exactly that. I used the human body as an example, as these principles are what allow it to be what it is and the capabilities to take advantage of them are inherent in it.

As pertains specifically to technology though, if you are after teleportation utilizing a rosen bridge type of gateway, you would need to establish a quantum entanglement effect between two toroidal shaped inductors (doughnut shape) which would serve as gates. You would then need to apply voltage of the same frequency to both of them, probably a solfeggio harmonic (639Hz corresponding to the heart chakra) or a multiple thereof. As Schauberger spoke of frequencies over 50kHz required to brake the barrier, 63, 9kHz is a good place to start. Utilizing π in their doughnut shape is necessary for the stability of any form of hyper-dimensional vortex. Additionally, the windings of the coils should be arranged in a "sacred geometrical" pattern (for lack of a better term) to give the electromagnetic field a natural shape. The tricky part is utilizing Φ in that system to create the vortex (perhaps a radius of 16. 180m to the inside rim of the inductor). The space between the two gateways would in this way be bridged in the fourth dimension and could be crossed instantaneously.

If you would like to create a vehicle that employes these principles, you would again opt for a shape that fits as perfectly into a sphere as possible. This is required to protect the vehicles surroundings from high energy rays and radiation emissions, so a circuit of the same shape should be placed around the craft to recycle that energy. The closer to a circular shape you opt for e. g. disk, the more efficient your recycling circuit will be at catching those energetic emissions. At the crafts center you would place two vortex shaped coils (circular concave coils) which would focus on the recycling circuit. They would be fed with different frequencies, the difference of which should be equal to the highest achievable approximation of Φ (As many digits of 1. 6180339887498948482. as possible). You also need two DC brushes (top and bottom of craft), which you would connect running through the center of the concave coils. These are used to repel ions from entering the vortex running through the center of the craft where the concave coils are, thus allowing for the formation of perfect bubble of ionized air around the vehicle. Everything outside that bubble would be bound to three dimensional reality, while everything inside would be bound to the fourth dimensional one. No time, no gravity, no space restrictions.


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14 Oct 2013 19:37:37
Right! So these coils you describe might (and i'd say they do) already exist in nature. That's what I was wondering, if they exist as fixed pathways much like veins in a body (this time the electric ''gelatinous goop'' of the universe) and can they be created?

So quite simply if i've got this right, nature's geometric design of the gateways and the space between would be made of light protons, and the key would be 'harmonizing' the vehicle with these protons.

What if you accelerate the spin of a vehicle beyond the speed of sound, and then violently reverse it's motion, would it have the necessary effect to attain this 'harmony'?

I see I'll need to read and re-read what you've written and apologize if i'm simply reiterating your words, I certainly hope i'm not misconstruing them. And thank you very much for your time. pea

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14 Oct 2013 20:51:01

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I love talking about these things pea so no need to thank me. It's actually nice to have someone to discuss these things with.

Coils that open hyper-dimensional vortices do exist in nature, the super-massive black holes we find at the centers of most galaxies for example. The problem is only those, at least that I know of, allow matter to pass through. There are "energetic sources" (energetic source points) in various locations all over the earth, but only energy can travel through those.

The gates I mentioned in the last post is how you would go about recreating that effect. The problem being, you would have to have an exit point from the fourth dimension. That is why that design requires at least two quantum entangled gates. Otherwise, you would end up in the fourth dimension, having shed your material body, without a way back.

The key is finding the resonant frequency of the what creates pathways to the fourth dimension, that is where Φ comes in. It would be impossible to resonate with quantum potential, the energetic fabric of the fourth dimension, as it would have a spectrum in the same way that energy has in three dimensional reality. There is matter, radio frequencies, sound waves, visible light, x-rays etc.

Matter reverts to energy in these high frequencies so there would be no particles to talk about. In the same way, these frequencies are beyond those of visible light. What you would most likely observe once you are in the fourth dimension would be pitch black quantum potential.

If you are trying to brake through using movement and not energy you would still need to achieve a high enough frequency or in this case rpm, somewhere in the 50,000 rpm. Some of the older designs that that attempted to do this through material movement, had disk shaped vehicles with counter spinning top and bottom halves. The 50,000rpm boundary makes it cost ineffective to find materials that can withstand those speeds. That is why you are better off using electric fields directly.

So to sum up, by using gates you create two halves of a double toroidal vortex that connect with each other in fourth dimensional space by being in resonance with one another. By using a vehicle, you create the whole double toroidal vortex inside the craft and can thus enter and exit fourth dimensional reality at any point.


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15 Oct 2013 20:04:02
I'm enjoying this as well, and having re-read your posts my worst fear would be I do them a dis-service by limiting or restricting them with my own explanations; a task made no easier by words, I feel - which is a point i'd like to congratulate you on. Words are very interesting tools and can have a limiting effect when there is so much potential to convey - much like the "fourth dimensional potential" you describe above - and to arrest that potential would be a dis-service; one you avoid adeptly.

I'm curious to ask about biological, that is human (animal) potential for interacting with these principles (which we already do naturally, of course) in a higher-dimensional phase, for example; see Jonathan Livingstone Seagull's "perfect speed is being there" - are you familiar with this story? pea

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According to scriptures e. g. the tibetan book of the dead, accounts of OBE/astral traveling and near death experiences, the fourth dimensional fabric is akin to what quantum physicists refer to as quantum state. An energetic potential that responds to stimuli, in the same fashion as exhibited by the observer/observed effect but without spacetime limitations.
Scientists have successfully placed a tiny piece of metal, that could be bended upwards and downwards, in this state. They discovered that it simultaneously inhabited both its extreme positions, in other words it was bent both upwards and downwards at the same time. This was showcased on TED.

I gather once one enters this fourth dimensional potential any thought becomes manifest. It is also considered to be the "place" the energetic body enters after the disposal of the material body. That would also account for all the heaven and hell stories, as what goes in eventually comes out. If that is indeed the case we have better deal with all the destructive ideas one is familiarized with, by watching news and movies, while still here.
The collective thought cloud (akashian records) are located in that fourth dimensional realm as well, which would imply that it is where thoughts live. The theory of memes says that thoughts are conscious. As we define consciousness as the ability to both propagate and evolve, thoughts must indeed be conscious as they meet that criteria.

Having just read Jonathan Livingstone Seagull pea, I would say his adventures are exactly what awaits us once fully immersed in that potential.

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08 Oct 2013 02:39:05
Ed, you seem to be pretty clued up on 9/11. Every time I try to do any research on the subject I seem to get bogged down in the same old dross and can't find many decent facts.

First of all can you let me know any decent books/website where I can find good quality info about 9/11.

And secondly, why, if we take for granted that the US gov't was behind 9/11, why have they made such a bAlls up of the cover up? ( referring to all the supposed inaccuracies and holes in the explanations given)

Cheers bro

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{Ed033's Note - The US gov't as we know it knew 911 was going to take place and took part in various parts of it and covered it up but could not have actually turned the Towers to dust as they do not possess the black technology to turn the towers to dust, therefore the secret government/secret space program/break away civilisation group, actually turned the twin towers to dust.

The reason why the twin towers had to be turned to dust and not allowed to drop to the floor is because the twin towers were standing in a manmade floor known as the 'Bath tub' that could have cracked and flooded Manhattan if the full weight of the towers hit the floor.

We know most of the twin towers did not hit the floor because of the seismograph readings. All this data and whole load more is in Dr. Judy Wood's book, called, 'Where did the towers go?'

To read Dr. Judy Wood's book, 'Where did the Towers Go?'

In UK or Europe, you can buy it from here:

If you live outside of UK, you can get it from here:

Also watch all the video interviews on 9/11 with Andrew Johnson and Dr. Judy Wood on this page:

All the time I have spent on here ed, or doing my own searches elsewhere, this is my first time I have seen the 'bath tub' reference. It would explain why they couldn't allow the tonnes and tonnes of metal and concrete crash to the ground. Is that topic mentioned in Dr Judy's book?

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{Ed033's Note - Absolutely it is and it is not just mentioned, you see the evidence such as actual seismograph readings. Also there are other 'electrical?' anomalies that were going on at the same time such as half cooked cars, cars that were turned upside down due to the black technology being used. There's also loads more that you may not have heard before in Dr. Judy Wood's book