Conspiracy Talk Archive September 09 2013


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09 Sep 2013 20:28:25
last week I was researching the dr david kelly case and stumbled on to a video that will not be played in the uk or usa, the reasons given were it is too sensitive from bbc/itv/channel 4 and likewise in the usa even though it is made by a us journalist, this documentary touches on many shocking subjects like dr david kelly's death, it is well worth a watch bearing in mind the bio hazard wars playing out in the middle east.

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Cheers franky, hadn't heard about project beach before that. Poor David Kelly. That was never suicide.


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09 Sep 2013 15:41:11
Hi all,
Just watched a youtube video called Making a Killing. It's an interesting and very disturbing look at the American Big Pharmaceutical companies, the "creation" of mental disorders, and the terrifying "side-effects" of SSRI pills.

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