04 Jun 2016 06:27:19
Do you think ed that the water supply in this country is leading men to be infertile? Or on a broader question, do you think that there's stuff in the water to supply to affect us more.

{Ed033's Note - Of course, imo, people should buy a water distiller for around £125 and distil any water they drink. Then after distilling, you might want to put some minerals back into the water. 'Ozoneate' the water also if you feel like it by purchasing an ozone machine and bubbling ozone through the water.

This doesn't stop the water you bath or shower in from affecting you, but it would be good to not shower in either chlorinated or fluoridated water. You don't want to be breathing in chlorine gas from a hot shower for instance.

1.) 04 Jun 2016
04 Jun 2016 18:01:30
Cheers ed. Just ordered the distiller, been looking at them anyway.
I asked because I read an article from years ago saying that because of "the pill" which woman take, it proves that it was turning male fish infertile and in some cases making them female and it was all in our water. Pretty much saying it wasnt strong enough to do that us, but make men infertile. Crazy stuff, but believable.

{Ed033's Note - there's all kinds of negative stuff in the water. After distilling, if you wanted to you could put some '40,000 Volts Electrolyte Concentrate' liquid in the water, or something similar. Makes the water taste a lot better.