26 Aug 2017 20:49:45
Not totally conspiracy related, but i've been watching a lot of Milo on youtube these days. And because we talk so much here about waking up. How much of what he's saying is about waking the people up or is he just boosting his ideology. A perspective from the ed would be most welcome.

{Ed033's Note - My perspective is Milo might 'wake up' people a tiny amount, as with Milo it's more about himself.

Whereas Stefan Molyneux youtube channel will 'wake people up' a heck of a lot more.

But if people really want to 'wake up', then you move on from Stefan Molyneux to Red Ice Radio.

Moving straight to Red Ice Radio maybe too much of a jump for most people, so Stefan Molyneux's youtube channel is a good place to go next.

1.) 27 Aug 2017
27 Aug 2017 16:12:55
Stephan Molyneux is an excellent truth speaker

Red ice radio, I do listen to and what I hear doesn't bother me, but I sometimes cringe when I hear something the p.c. crowd cry about, but still a very good station for truth.

Milo is Milo.

2.) 29 Aug 2017
29 Aug 2017 08:59:28
If your looking for some podcasts to listen too I recommend Those Conspiracy Guys. Few lads from Ireland who go through a number of different theories. Funny and some good info. Google them and the list of podcasts are at the bottom of the page.