04 Oct 2017 21:11:27
I see videos that show muzzle flashes between the 7th and 10th floor are beginning to disappear from YouTube.

Make of that what you will.

{Ed033's Note - What a false flag this is.

1.) 05 Oct 2017
04 Oct 2017 22:58:52
False flag for sure.
We are taking away your guns people
We will have full control of you
Very busy casino with millions of dollars going through It, must have high security, the best security cameras money can Buy, and then someone gets 30 or 40 guns in to a room without being noticed.

2.) 05 Oct 2017
04 Oct 2017 23:26:59
Has anyone considered the possibility that Stephen Paddock was the first victim of this terrible atrocity?

{Ed033's Note - yes, that's what Mike Adam said in the informative video below - Las Vegas shooting - Mission Impossible?

3.) 05 Oct 2017
05 Oct 2017 11:27:15
Yeah 100% agree, saw a video from the scene that clearly shows muzzle flashes coming from a very low level, compared to crime scene photos the next day that show the two smashed windows quiet high up, i find that quiet strange, but then again it could be the angle the video was taken from?

secondly his character references from the people who know him seem to show a quiet honest hard working "straight" forward guy, without prior episodes. Now i would think that if it was a false flag they would choose someone with a bit of a disreputable or less than squeaky clean record? it all just seems very strange to me.

fair enough i wouldn't know what a mental break down would be like as i have never suffered one nor anyone very close to me.

I find the timing, the amount of people and the way the gun was used to be all very strange, as i have shot weapons including automatics before and it was not easy and at a very short range with a fraction of the bullets, i battled and i'm a very fit person.

{Ed033's Note - The alleged perpetrator was an alleged gambler, maybe they thought that was enough to spin into being depressed and 'snapped' due to gambling debts or something.

4.) 05 Oct 2017
05 Oct 2017 11:31:54
Just watched the Video, just validated my idea, i'm still up in the air as to what actually happened, but it is not what they are putting it out as on MSM for sure!

{Ed033's Note - Multiple shooters for sure imo, Therefore a false flag

5.) 05 Oct 2017
05 Oct 2017 16:04:12
So a false flag isn't a hoax
A hoax never happened
A false flag means there's a deeper agenda.
Is that basically everyone's take on a false flag?

{Ed033's Note - There is a history to the words false flag, but off the top of my head, i would say it's where you deliberately attack yourself (by any means) and then blame it on someone else to forward your agenda.

6.) 06 Oct 2017
06 Oct 2017 01:26:45
Yes agree it's deffently a falsy lol
They're getting so common these days, we may as well have a new nickname for them.

7.) 12 Oct 2017
12 Oct 2017 08:38:56
This doesn't even surprise me, nothing does these days. The unfortunate part is people tend to believe what the media feeds them.