01 Mar 2018 19:56:42
I've always wondered how we 'know' what conspiracies are legit and which aren't.

People talk about the elite, NWO, etc. and if they're as intelligent as we're lead to believe they are then isn't it entirely plausible that they've orchestrated people being 'woke' or at least what we call 'woke'.

Is it entirely out of the question that the powers that be know exactly what they're doing and are manipulating both the MSM sheep and those that follow the alternative media?

What I'm saying is not that conspiracies may not exist, but that we're all barking up the wrong tree with what we call conspiracies and this is all part of intelligent design?

How do we know that the conspiracies we often talk about aren't planted to be considered conspiracies in this modern age?

{Ed033's Note - The elite want our minds on anything other than their negative agenda that they are implementing right in front of us. They have taken a load of children's games like football and tennis and all the other sports you can think of and made them into something to keep adults' minds occupied for many hours each week. TV, computer games, social media and work for both males and females finishes the job off for all the 'Normies'.

Anyone else that starts to use their own mind has to contend with dis-info and being led to conspiracies that the elite don't care you occupying your mind with.

Also, the elite have awesome think tanks that can come up with super mind weaponry to prevent people from even seeing the evil agenda. They have implemented this devastating weapon called 'Political Correctness' that has moved the 'Overton Window' to the far left, where it's default position was where the 'Alt Right' are advocating it should be now. This means that people think this negative agenda is the right way to go, when it is in fact utter lunacy and would have been rejected by people when the 'Overton Window' was in its default position.

Hopefully people comprehend what i said above.

1.) 02 Mar 2018
02 Mar 2018 15:11:13
well said ed033 they basically don't want anyone questioning any "official narrative" let alone anyone thinking for themselves, football in particular is a great distraction and with this being a world cup year more opportunities to further their agenda will present itself as a global audience has its mind elsewhere.

{Ed033's Note - Yes, they have also got virtually everyone believing everything and anything the mainstream media puts out. All the MSM have to say is; 'it was Bin Laden', 'it was 1 lone nut shooter' and without any kind of facts, evidence or proof people believe every single word. But if you point out any anomaly, it doesn't matter how much facts, evidence or proof you offer (which admittedly is not usually a huge amount) they still always believe every word of the mainstream media propaganda.