27 Apr 2018 21:01:31
Ed what's your take on the supposed peace in Korea?

{Ed033's Note - Well, i would imagine that they're are going to have agreements with North Korea, which will firstly put in a Rothschild Central Bank. That central bank will then issue 'loans' so that North Korea can pay for elite owned companies to develop North Korea. Also trade will be opened up with North Korea and at the same time, cheap debt will be available to the North Korean people so they can buy American lifestyles.

The idea being that if North Korea gets in so much debt they default, then as per the agreements, North Korea and its resources get handed over to the elite. And its all legal because of the agreements.

China may influence Kim to take it easy and not to allow too much debt though.

1.) 28 Apr 2018
27 Apr 2018 23:50:02
They don't even need to have a war no more to take over then eh Ed?

{Ed033's Note - I guess they prefer a war due to bankrupting 1 or both sides by keeping the 'loans' and arms sales going for as long as possible (by aiding the weaker side and restricting the stronger side). On top of this they perform a huge blood sacrifice to the demons they worship. And afterwards, they can take whatever they want from the losing side and then do the above scenario i laid out if they want to.

2.) 28 Apr 2018
28 Apr 2018 09:15:28
So going by what your saying they don't have control of China or have I picked u up wrong? Are the communist countries aware of what happens when they allow these banking systems in? If so why has north Korea agreed to any of this. When I seen yesterday they had begun peace talks I actually thought it was a good thing, then I thought it might be an attempt to lure Kim Yong Un into an assassination. I'm getting more cynical every day.

{Ed033's Note - At the political level we see, you have to admit there are at least 2 sides, otherwise why didn't Russia allow Syria to be taken out?

Either there is 2 (or more) sides or a split within the elite. So from my point of view, no one elite group at the level we see has total control. If there are 2 sides, then they might see eye to eye on 95% of their agendas, but the 5% difference is enough to have them competing. Also presuming there are 2 sides, i don't see at as good vs evil, but evil vs evil.

However there are other groups trying to get info out to us, to try and wake us up in an attempt to raise consciousness so evil has a hard time operating. You've woken up to some degree.

3.) 28 Apr 2018
28 Apr 2018 12:41:38
Edd033 do you believe in the sick stuff they worship? Lucifer etc, do you believe it's real, the devil itself.

{Ed033's Note - They certainly believe it's real, but i don't know.

4.) 28 Apr 2018
28 Apr 2018 19:04:46
I have to say with regards to religious stuff like the devil, I’m incredibly sceptical personally. If there was a devil as powerful and evil as suggested, why would he let us live ‘normal’ lives like we do now. Why not have everyone enter hell immediately?

{Ed033's Note - The word religious and the word evil aren't necessarily related, but i presume that the way it works is by people's consent. In the greater scheme you need to consent to stuff.

5.) 28 Apr 2018
28 Apr 2018 20:18:17
Well said edd 33 as soon as I saw this in the news I was thinking the same, you have basically confirmed my believes.

{Ed033's Note - Yes, assuming the agreement talks are successful, at some point we should hear on the mainstream media news that greater trade is being opened up with North Korea, but as usual that's not the entire story.

6.) 28 Apr 2018
28 Apr 2018 21:28:12
Ed do u know anything about the dj avicci? He supposedly killed himself the other day but I read that he was going to uncover a paedophile ring and told his manager that someone was going to kill him, next thing u know he committed suicide. I guess u need to be very careful about how u uncover these things and who to. Would the main stream media be involved I take it, or it would be pretty simple to expose people.

{Ed033's Note - No, i haven't heard about that dj, but it seems that they will go to any length to protect pedo rings and seems to be their highest priority to protect those rings.

7.) 28 Apr 2018
28 Apr 2018 23:34:50
That makes sense ed, so by saying you believe in the devil and doing various sacrifices or whatever to prove it, you’re basically proving compliance without question. Perfect for a puppet.

{Ed033's Note - The universal principle maybe that you can't be forced into stuff, you have to consent via agreement or contract.

8.) 29 Apr 2018
29 Apr 2018 16:28:40
I think it won't be long until North Korea gets this trade deal. It also wouldn't surprise me if they make such a big deal about Kim doing the right thing he will get a noble peace prize.
I personally believe in God and the devil. For me there's too much evil in the world. If the devil is to be real I believe that you can't be forced to do things but have the choice.

9.) 22 May 2018
22 May 2018 12:05:40
You can only go to hell by your own volition. Through deeds or consent.

{Ed033's Note - Welcome back KimPhilby

10.) 22 May 2018
22 May 2018 20:49:30
I had to take a long break. A lot of things happened.