05 May 2018 21:27:38
Some truth about Syria, Israel and the real American aim.

{Ed033's Note - It's likely imo that Ken O'Keefe was at one point a US agency asset for a period. His assignment seemed to be to speak out against Israel with impunity (knowing he would never be harmed) so the Palestinians would trust him enough to sneak him through secret Palestinian tunnels when he made contact with high level Palestinians and asked to be smuggled into Palestine.

After he did get into Palestine through the secret Palestinian tunnels, those tunnels were immediately shut down.

1.) 07 May 2018
05 May 2018 23:53:27
Jeez Ed, did not know that. America’s sneakiness knows no bounds!

The plan he speaks of for a Greater Israel is that part of the overall agenda?

Fell into this after watching Rothchilds, Morgan and Rockefeller documentaries on YouTube. That and the issues with Tetra Masts and the way WiFi can damage your health. You heard of this?

{Ed033's Note - Yes, Greater Israel is an area between the Nile and the Euphrates, which means that everyone who isn't Jewish in this area would have to be removed from this area and moved into Europe.

Yes wifi damages your health, and 5G will be extremely dangerous to our health.