03 Aug 2018 12:42:11
I think I might have came across the worst conspiracy I've ever seen. Apparently Abraham Lincoln was a black man.
The YouTube video shows one photo of a man they are claiming to be the real Lincoln, this would not be the same person showed from the history books.
I am against any slavery but at this era the USA was mainly pro slavery and a black person had little to no rights.
My question is how would a black man in those times even be considered to run for office?
On the comment section one chap was convinced the picture was that of a man that was freed from slavery and was sent back to Liberia where the photo was taken.
Does anyone have more information about this subject or thoughts?

1.) 03 Aug 2018
03 Aug 2018 16:00:36
Are you sure it wasn’t Abrahamo lincolnawamo who was chief potwasher at Abraham Lincolns Holliday Home in Nebraska 😂

Joking aside it sure does sound nonsense.

{Ed033's Note - Maybe it's another Pentagon Psy-Op to see how many people might think it's true.

2.) 03 Aug 2018
03 Aug 2018 17:51:50
Here’s a controversial comment. If not for the slave movement would people of African decent still be living in third world Unevolved conditions? And do you think that the slave trade was one of the first movements to destabilise and weaken America like the free movement of people that we see today? In all honesty it was the start of the PC agenda!

This is not worded very well! I would like to hear your opinion ed of the free movement of peoples in a globalist agenda and was it a plan in the slave trade era? And how the Slave trade has shaped the world.

{Ed033's Note - What people don't know is prior to 600 A.D. the entire Middle East except for Arabia was populated with European people. Some group after 600 A.D. started moving people from Arabia and Africa into the European populated areas in the Middle East to replace the Europeans there. (The only Europeans left in the Middle East live in the mountains of Iran)

This is happening right now in western Europe. And if people have been paying attention, the agenda is never ending waves of them coming into Europe to replace the Europeans.

It's highly likely that the slave trade, the Mexican invasion of America and the current U.N. plan to relocate millions of Muslims per year into America and Europe is all part of the same hundreds of years old agenda.

3.) 04 Aug 2018
04 Aug 2018 00:27:30
Yeah i see a thing about
King james being a black man
And written accounts that king james as a child was black
I recokon a queen whent africa years back and got something for her travels lol
And also genisis does talk of the world mainly being black and something maid genes change where white babeis where born
Not me saying
But some rubbish i watched.

4.) 04 Aug 2018
04 Aug 2018 09:23:30
I think the so called 3rd world would basically be as it is now.
For me Africa as a whole have been used abused for far too long.
As technology improves it will get worse for the continent.
By accounts I've read online some of the counties have vast oil and gas that can't be got at yet, not including gold diamonds etc.
Unfortunately I can see it getting worse for Africa as the years pass.