20 Aug 2018 14:10:15
Agenda 21 - Deliberate Cal Fires DEW Update.

1.) 21 Aug 2018
21 Aug 2018 12:51:08
I've been checking out lots of stuff about The California fires and DEW's, and there's plenty to think about, but Jamie Lee is a fully committed flat earther which makes me just a little sceptical about the rest of his work. He also claims the Athens fires were started by DEW's.

{Ed033's Note - The question should be whether there is evidence that DEWs are being used. If they have DEWs, why wouldn't they use them?

2.) 22 Aug 2018
22 Aug 2018 13:10:34
There is possible evidence of DEWs in California. I'm on a steep learning curve here, so I'm reluctant to say it's definitely DEWs, but the patterns of the fires seem tailored. Also the trees burning from the inside out is something I have never seen before. If they are using DEWs then why here, and why not in combat scenarios. Is it because they need HAARP, and that's not so easy to export?

{Ed033's Note - It could be that Agenda 21 has areas for humans and areas where no humans can be. Using DEWs, they can remove humans from the non human areas.

3.) 22 Aug 2018
22 Aug 2018 13:50:07
I read about that. People not allowed back to rebuild due to contamination etc. I'll keep looking at this. If it is the beginning of enforced migration to so called safe urban areas, then we should see more and more of this happening.

{Ed033's Note - Yes, Northern California could be the start, and when it's perfected we'll see it elsewhere.